Why You Should Join RuneScape Clans

For those who have been playing RuneScape since its inception, it is no surprise that there are now thousands of clans. Thousands of players banded together and formed their own groups to get the most out of their experience in this game and make as much OSRS gold as possible; however, at first, they weren’t exactly encouraged by developers. It would eventually change though: as more people joined these early fan-made communities on third-party websites or forums.

The development team at Jagex has always been dedicated to improving the experience for all players, and they have made sure that clans are no exception. They introduced their first major feature in 2007 – Clan Chat – which allowed people from different Clans across Runescape to communicate with each other more easily than ever before! Over time this support evolved into events such as The Jagex Cup or citadels where members could congregate during an event.

What are RuneScape Clans?

A clan in RuneScape is a group of players who come together to complete tasks that would be too challenging for one person. The goals they pursue depend entirely on the individual, but some may raise skills while others strive towards making RuneScape money or improving their equipment by working as part of an organized team.

There are over 100,000 clans in RuneScape. So if you’re looking for a group that shares similar goals to yours then it’s bound to happen.

Different Types of RuneScape Clans

You will find that there are a number of different clans for you to choose from, depending on what kind of gameplay you want. First, you have PvP clans, which focus on fighting against other RuneScape players. It also includes Warring Clans, as well Clan Wars Arena.

Clan Wars

Speaking of which, a Clan War is an all-out battle between two or more clans. This can take on many different forms as opposed to being about who’s the strongest because there are gear caps for level-playing fields in these types of war.

The two common types of clan war are PK Run-In and Knock-Out. Knock-Out will require players to defeat every member of the enemy clan, whereas members can return in PK Run-In. The latter type of clan war offers both capped and uncapped versions, with capped focusing on the kill count, whilst uncapped sees the winner being the last clan left standing.

PvM Clans

If you’re looking to avoid fighting other players then the PvM (Player vs Monster) clans are perfect for your needs. There’s a wide variety of OSRS bosses from a low level, all the way up into end game enemies that can be challenging and rewarding with loot in tow! However, there may be some requirements such as specific gear or ability setups needed before joining this type so make sure to think about what exactly would work best before joining a PvM clan.

Skilling Clans

Skilling Clans are a great way for free-to-play players to get involved in the game without having spent hours on OSRS combat skills. You can join this group and focus your time on getting better at fishing, mining, crafting, or any other OSRS skills. There are even some more extreme cases where you will be denied the chance to join a clan if you have trained any of your combat skills.

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