What You Should Know Before Getting a Land Survey

You should have a professional survey of the area prior to buying or selling any piece of land on Long Island. A land survey provides a wealth of information about a property. You can’t make any educated judgments without a land survey since you won’t know what the property has to offer and how much it’s worth.


Land Survey Advantages


A competent Long Island based land surveyor will provide you with important information about a property, such as:


  • The precise boundaries
  • The position of constructions, expansions, and upgrades.
  • Geographical characteristics that could have an impact on the land’s use.
  • Utility placements
  • If the land is located inside a floodplain or not


How & What do Land Surveyors do?


Land surveying entails collecting very precise measurements across great distances. To increase accuracy and save time, surveyors use a lot of new technology.


Surveyors frequently select their tools based on the individual project requirements. The tools most often used are slope-measurement altimeters, 3D scanners that can detect elevation changes, and theodolites to measure angles, just to name a few.


Land surveyors today also utilize software that combines data from multiple pieces of equipment. The program allows for the creation of thorough land survey reports that are easier for everyone to understand.


Why Do You Require The Services Of A Land Surveyor?


One of the obvious advantages of having land surveys data is that it helps you figure the exact property borders so you can determine the accurate size and value of a property. That being said, not all of the benefits aren’t as apparent to those trying to purchase or sell land.


Determining if a piece of land is suitable for your needs


What you can accomplish with a piece of land depends on its attributes. For example, you may require sloping property that drains properly if you wish to develop a vineyard.


The slope’s direction can make a difference. For example, people who wish to plant orchards should consider whether the sloping terrain faces north or south. If feasible, plant apples on a northern-facing hill throughout the fall season. On a southern-facing hill in the spring, your trees will have more light.


Understanding Where Structures Can Be Built


Houses, sheds, and other building structures, may greatly increase the land’s utility and value. You cannot just start constructing a huge project without first determining the slope of the land and the position of subterranean pipes and utility lines. Water might flow out of the hole as soon as you break ground, causing an expensive disaster, and then you are forced to postpone your plans and spend money to fix the damaged pipe.


You can get the information you need to locate your constructions in the best possible place with a land survey. Experienced land surveyors can also assist in planning, zoning & building which may enable you to save some money and complete your building project more quickly and accurately by having more experts on hand.


Where Can I Find a Reliable Land Surveyor?


You can’t settle for anything less than excellence when it comes to land surveys. Consult with a Long Island certified land specialist who can provide you with a list of reputable land surveyors in your region. Certified land consultants typically collaborate with skilled land surveyors to ensure that everything goes smoothly.

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