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West Bengal govt to start social media blitz to revive tourism

To revitalize the tourism industry in the state still suffering from the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic, the West Bengal government has decided to launch a social media flash to boost the tourism industry in the state.

Sources in the state administration said the tourism department planned to hire a private professional agency to increase the department’s social media presence.

The state government plans to hire a private organization for two years on a contract basis that will use social media to make tourist attractions and cultural events such as the Durga Puja Carnival accessible to a global audience. All tourism department social media accounts will be revised and new accounts created.

Content such as travel blogs, photos of tourist attractions and documentation are open to feedback from the public, who can ask the state government relevant questions.

“We plan to hire professional bloggers to write travel blogs for our social media accounts and website,” said a senior tourism official.

The private agencies must post at least 10 tweets a day about tourism in Bengal on Facebook, four on Instagram and YouTube.

“The videos posted on Facebook and YouTube must have at least 2 lakh views per month. Our target group will be tourists from the countries that visit Bengal the most, ”said the official.

Tourism Minister Gautam Deb said that there is no shortage of tourist attractions in Bengal and that the industry has every potential to create a large number of job opportunities.

“The state’s tourism industry has been hard hit by the pandemic in the past six months. It will take time for things to return to normal. In several places, lodge owners do not open for business because they fear infection, ”said Deb.

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