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Watch: Travel Bloggers Underwater Proposal!

A video by famous travel Instagrammers, including a couple, Kelly Castille and Cody Workman, is going viral on social media. In the video you could see how they both got engaged underwater. The adorable couple run an Instagram account called Positravelty, which currently has 200,000 followers. You have published 467 articles so far. Here is the video.

The cutest couple shared a photo on Instagram and the post titled, “Our latest Caribbean adventure has prepared us for more! We have some plans in the making, but we want to know something … where’s somewhere, where you’d like.” Do you see us traveling? “Here is the post.

In a recent Instagram post, they shared how Kelly and Cody met and what love story they have. The post reads as follows: “We had many questions about our history, how we met and how we came to our current location. In summary, we met three years ago on a small island in Bocas Del Toro, Panama. We closed our eyes in a hostel and hit it off immediately. After a few days and all the resistance against us, we made a big leap in confidence and left our lives behind to keep traveling and being together. It wasn’t for Kelly just a simple transition. It was scary, it was emotional, and it was a struggle for a while not having any real routine or stability. For Kody it was a different circumstance. He’d been backpacking for almost two years and used to life on the street, but as a solo traveler. Being together all the time was certainly associated with challenges and making decisions as a team, was something none of us was used to. “

They added, “When we started this site two years ago, neither of us had any photographic background or experience. We shot everything on an iPhone 7 for the first 8 months before we got our first and only camera, the Sony A7III We had no idea how to use it and learned it by spending countless hours watching tutorials on YouTube and ultimately trying it out (lots of failed shots). We were motivated and determined to get better, hoping to turn it into a real photography business Today we can proudly say that we created the business we worked so hard on and photography is now our full time job! It hasn’t always been easy but we both agree For us to take this initial risk of getting into the business after we met, it was hands down the best decision we ever made! has resulted in some of the most incredible experiences of our lives, lasting friendships and memories that we will never forget. “

(Courtesy of Instagram)

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