Uganda is now open for International Tourists

One of the most popular East African countries and home to mountain gorillas today welcomes international tourists.

Uganda, the landlocked country that borders South Sudan, Kenya, Tanzania and DC Congo, is now open to tourists after closing its borders in March due to coronavirus. The country has earned the World Travel and Tourism Council’s global stamp of safety and hygiene for safe travel as it complies with standard health and hygiene regulations.

And under the new protocol, the country has initiated airport procedures in accordance with the guidelines of the International Civil Aviation Organization.The country opened its borders along with specific rules and regulations that tourists must follow, including:

  1. All passengers entering Uganda should have a negative RT-PCR test for Covid-19 and the test result should not be longer than 72 hours. The airlines have been instructed in particular not to board passengers who do not have a Covid-19 certificate.
  2. Upon arrival, all passengers will undergo a health screening that includes temperature checks and assessments for signs of other infectious diseases.
  3. If passengers test positive for Covid-19, the passenger will be taken to a special Covid-19 test care facility.
  4. Passengers leaving Uganda should also have a negative Covid-19 PCR test, which should not last longer than 72 hours.
  5. The mandatory use of masks and social distancing must be observed at all times. If a person does not use a mask, they will be denied entry.

One of the main problems is the primates that catch the coronavirus. Humans, chimpanzees, bonobos, gorillas and orangutans are susceptible to Covid-19. In this matter, the park authorities have taken full responsibility for national parks and established various rules for tourists, including.

  • The mandatory use of masks and temperature checks with an infrared thermometer are tested at the entry points. The visitors and employees are checked regularly.
  • Hand washing and disinfectants are placed at the entrance points of the parks and in the protected areas of the park. Wash hands and use disinfectant.
  • Visitors who do not have masks and do not obey the rules are never allowed to enter the park.
  • Vehicles, boats and other modes of transport are allowed at half capacity according to the rules set by the government.
  • Tourists have to stay about 30 m away from primates. During the primate trekking, the guides are about 2 m away between the tourists.

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