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‘Twin travellers’ offers lively account of world tourist destinations, Pakistan’s northern paradise

Zubair Qureshi

The Twin Sisters’ book, titled “Twin Travelers,” provides a lively, first-hand account of the world’s top travel destinations, which include the tourist paradise of Pakistan. This was held by attendees and guests during the book’s opening ceremony.
Wajeeha Zeeshan and Tabinda Zeeshan were written by teenage twins and are considered a timely arrival in the market and are a must-have for anyone looking to explore Pakistan’s scenic tourist attractions as well as destinations around the world.
The opening ceremony was held at the Marriott Hotel and was attended by a large number of tourists, tourism companies, young adventurers, and friends and family members of the twin authors.
The book is a collection of travel blogs of national and international travel destinations, including northern areas of Pakistan, Europe, the United States, the Middle East, and the Asia-Pacific region, that the authors have visited over the past five years. These posts contain photos and reviews based on their own experiences.
“In these days of social media, this book is a ray of hope for book readers who lack quality content,” said one of the participants.
It is worth noting that the twins are students of the City School in Islamabad and enjoy traveling, reading books and trying different cuisines. The young travel bloggers have also developed a website and a social media presence.
“They want to inspire young people to write about their experiences so that the passion for reading and writing never wanes,” noted the participants.
Published by Thaz Books, the book is a valuable addition indeed, as it presents authors’ travel experiences and uses fascinating imagery to beautifully describe important places around the world. All proceeds from the sale of the book were donated to charity. This book will be available internationally on Amazon.

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