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‘Treated like an old fool: How a specialist tried to get the better of me’

Five minutes passed and the young woman returned. The specialist says I should do two more tests. One will have a small Medicare discount and the other will not. I am informed it will cost me $ 258, of which $ 58 will be reimbursed by Medicare. I agreed. It’s not great, but I know I have so much. The specialist doesn’t have to do the test herself, so this young woman who tells me it took her about two months to learn to use the machine will do so instead. Five minutes later I had the tests and I’m back in the waiting room.

After waiting for the specialist who I had an appointment with 25 minutes earlier and who I still haven’t seen, she calls me to tell me my eyes are really good, but she could do another test . She does and decides that I have dry tear ducts and that I need eye drops. Lots of tests for eye drops and constantly saying how good my eyes are.

She then decides that maybe I should do blood tests and an MRI and visit her again afterward. Remember, I’m fine except for a dry tear duct.

Well the good part. She takes me to the reception. I was told they would fax my referral for the MRI and contact me that afternoon. “That’ll be $ 407”. Excuse me! Oh, and I can’t have an appointment to see the specialist in the brand new, very large and expensive practice next time because their printers are not working. I have to travel the other side of town. Best of all, it’ll cost me at least another $ 260 to see her again. All of this from a specialist who has repeatedly told me all I need is eye drops.

Of course, the story wouldn’t be complete if I didn’t let you know that you forgot to fax the transfer through. The following afternoon I had to take a screenshot for the front desk so they could make an appointment with me.

I am willing to bet they won’t find anything except that I have recurring migraines. I am not a specialist though. Needless to say, I will not return to them. My GP will sort it out. I have faith in her and we both think it might be because she is listening to me as I know my own body most of the time. I know she was just thorough in referring me, but she’s also not happy with the cost and what was going on there.

I won’t pay this specialist another penny. I don’t even know why I would have to go back if she didn’t get bad results that she hasn’t already. Oh wait – it’s the fee. Since I was complaining, I was told they didn’t do anything wrong and as a retiree they gave me a discount. How much was that discount? $ 6.45 for one test and $ 8.00 for the other.

Some people seem to think that as we get older we automatically become senile and turn into old fools. That’s the only explanation I can think of that these people I’ve found have a boss with two mansions in Tasmania and two in Victoria who is so incredibly greedy.

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