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Travel Neck Wallet for Money Belt | Which is Good for Travelling

Passports, credit cards, debit cards, and cash – these are some of the things we worry about most when traveling – but they’re also a crucial part of any trip, big or small. Whenever you need to go anywhere – either on a business trip to another state or on vacation with loved ones out of the country – it is important to think about the different methods you can use to keep your valuables safe.

The default setting is usually a choice between a money belt or a neck wallet. However, if you are new to buying travel safety accessories, you probably don’t know which one offers the most benefits for your particular situation. Below we give you a glimpse into durable money belts and RFID protected neck wallets so you can make the most informed decision.

In order to make the decision between a money belt or a wallet, we must first take a closer look at each option. Similar to a belt pouch, a money belt is a secure material pouch that you can use to store your valuables, cash and other documents. However, with money belts, you can avoid the image problem that tourists can cause with bulky pouches on the back of their jeans.

Money belts are hidden under your clothing so you can effectively hide your stash from pickpockets and maintain your dignity if you don’t want to be immediately identified as an unsuspecting tourist. Unfortunately, the biggest problem with money belts is that it can be a bit of a hassle to remove money and other documents when trying to keep your accessories hidden. Because of this, it is generally a good idea to have extra cash in your pocket.

Similar to a money belt, a neck wallet can be hidden under clothing and you can wear it either over your shoulder or around your neck depending on the adjustable length of the strap. These small cloth bags can be RFID protected to protect your abandoned cards and passports from digital scanners. They also offer plenty of space for all your documents and fit seamlessly under even the thinnest shirts.

In general, the best way to carry a wallet, like a holster under your shirt and around your neck with a strap under one arm. If you only wear it around your neck, there is a chance it will press against the fabric of your shirt when you move or bend over to pick something up. Similar to the money belt, if you don’t have to find a secret place to search your wallet every time you want to make a purchase, you need to have extra cash in your pockets.

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Ultimately, the decision on whether you would prefer a money belt or a wallet will depend on your personal comfort and preferences. If you’re not sure, you can try both or get recommendations from well-traveled friends. Whatever you do, make sure that your valuables are kept safe.

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