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Travel bloggers ‘That Nomad Couple’ share their coping strategy amid COVID-19 restrictions- The New Indian Express

What do you do when traveling is in your blood, but there is a global travel ban? For That Nomad Couple, the alter ego of Dr. Nishita and Siddharth Sharma, dentists and travel bloggers, is the answer to revisiting the past holidays through their wealth of pictures and videos. Visa not required. In any case, life has been a long journey for the college darlings.

“We were in the same group at the dental school in Greater Noida,” says Siddharth, who turns a word on its head while Nishita takes over the lionesses’ part in the conversation. The couple started dating in 2006, and “I told my parents within a month of our dating date that I saw him and they met and everything was cool.

The couple Nishita and Siddharth
Sharma share their travel blogs
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Turkey and Bali;

“My parents are pretty liberal on these issues,” says Nishita.

It took Siddharth’s parents, who are more conservative, some time to find out that they are not losing a son but are gaining a daughter. Nishita asked her husband to remember exactly how long it had taken before he told his parents he was going out with her, for the benefit of the interview: “About two years.”

Once they met, however, the sailing was relatively smooth. Not that the two apparently wanted to rush down the altar, with their careers in dentistry being the top priority.

The two started training together in 2013 and tied the knot on February 14, 2014 (“We’re terribly mushy,” notes Nishita).

“We did the puja and while the pundit was reciting his shlokas, I whispered in Siddharth’s ears that we had to travel around the world and all the places on my wish list and so on,” chuckles Nishita.

Coming from the army and growing up from one place to another, travel was always a fact for Nishita, while Siddharth hadn’t visited nearly as many places.

“Having just set up our practice, we found that we couldn’t travel nearly as much as we’d like. And we decided to limit ourselves to one international trip per year and a few shorter domestic trips. “However, as the couple literally broadened their horizons, the longing to travel further deepened and more frequently.

“My heart ached at the thought of 12 months between each trip abroad, and even Siddharth kept saying we should start more often. At this point, our clinic was also better equipped and we had other doctors working so we knew our patients would be cared for. At this point, we intensified our trips: in 2018 we traveled to three countries, in 2019 we visited seven. “” We used to post a lot of pictures and things with long captions on social media and we got a lot of DMs from people who said they didn’t hear about the places we went and why didn’t we document them on a blog. In May 2019, when I came back from Turkey, I started the blog and this is how this new chapter began for us, ”says Nishita.

The couple usually travel to unusual, remote locations, be it a Nubian village or an abandoned water park in Vietnam, after much research and their own visa papers and itineraries. “Once you get the hang of it, you don’t want anyone else planning your trip,” say the seasoned travelers.


Aside from reliving their previous travels, the couple spend a fair amount of time looking at two cats, Whiskey and Pepper, and reading other travel blogs for fun and inspiration. Siddharth, who obviously doesn’t believe in having enough passions, is also an avid musician and teaches guitar lessons to students all over the world while Nishita catches up on any books she wanted to read. “We’re very like-minded, so we can be in the middle of a crowded city or in a fix
In a simple hut, we will still be just as happy with each other, ”concludes Nishita.

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