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Travel agents’ game of confidence – what will persuade us to book a holiday?

How would you define trust? “The fact or the feeling of being certain” is a dictionary. The belief that we “believe or can rely on” something is another matter. For me it is the comforting feeling of “I have this”.

Regardless of your answer, you know that when it comes to travel, trust is essential. When we book vacations, we have to trust that they will go ahead as planned. that there is a safety net if they don’t.

In a year where consumers have gotten into chaotic waves of cancellations, refunds, and coupon issues, not to mention green lists and traffic lights, this is more the case than ever. When we travel again, we want to feel safe so as not to “get stuck” and to be reassured by flexibility and Covid-friendly cancellation conditions. We won’t want any more reasons for stress.

Now that devastated travel agents, airlines, and vacation destinations are scrutinizing how the parts can be picked up if vaccines or tests allow travel to resume, and how future bookings can be triggered, we are seeing signs that trust is paramount.

Last week Topflight introduced a “Book with Confidence” guarantee. Given the importance of security, customers can amend or cancel vacation bookings “if, in due course, they just don’t feel that the time is right for them to travel”.

As? Well, you pay a deposit of € 150 and can postpone or change it up to 28 days before departure.

If the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (EDA) advises against non-essential travel within 28 days of your trip or there are significant restrictions at your destination, you can postpone or change your vacation or request a refund or a voucher that is valid for five years and 120 of yours Worth spending.

Last week, Crystal Ski announced that it would offer customers free Covid-19 insurance coverage.

Trailfinders also has a Peace of Mind Policy which allows customers to make changes or receive a full refund if the EDA advises against travel or quarantine either in Ireland or overseas within seven days of departure.

All of this is happening as the United Nations World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) works on plans for a new “International Code for the Protection of Tourists” that will make “restoring confidence” a key priority.

Aer Lingus has a “Book with Confidence” policy that includes free, unlimited flight changes through May 2021. Customers can get a cash refund for Flex and Business fares or a voucher up to 14 days before departure (or within 14 days if traveling). It gives customers “the confidence to dream,” it says.

Dreaming is of course very easy. The big trick is to convince those pandemic exhausted people who are unable to plan beyond the next Nphet briefing, kids cough, or school email address to get this book button to press.

Nobody has the confidence to predict that.

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