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There’s more awareness about influencer marketing now, than before: Devashree Sanghvi – travel

Food and travel blogger Devashree Sanghvi left a lucrative career as a lawyer a few years ago to pursue her passion for travel and food. She started her food and travel page on Instagram with the name Thecrazyindianfoodie in 2015 and has never looked back since.

Her Instagram page has 138,000 followers and is a verified account. “When I started the blog, I was a law student who was doing internships, law degrees, and the difficulties of running a new blog. I graduated in 2017 and got a job in a law firm. By that point, my blog had grown exponentially, as had my workload. I had to spend more time on blogging and law being a demanding job too. I decided to take a break. I focused my energy on the blog and since then I haven’t looked back, ”says Sanghvi, who clearly loves her life as a travel and food influencer.

Quitting an established job to pursue your dreams is not easy as it sounds. But Sanghvi did it without too much fear. “It was a big and terrifying decision. But I was also well established with the blog by the time I quit the legal job, so I didn’t just take a leap into the unknown. Plus, I always had a strong education and support plan in case things didn’t go right. So it was a well thought out decision, ”she says.

One of the main struggles for being a social media influencer is hours of screen time that you haven’t devoted to. But Sanghvi says that if they are your main strength, you have to interact with your followers and you cannot let go of them. “It’s really important to get in touch with your followers. Sometimes it’s difficult with so many comments and messages coming in, but I make it a point to spend an hour a day responding to at least as many people as possible. It is really important to appreciate and interact with your audience as it is your main strength, ”says the blogger, who has traveled to multiple countries as part of her work and stayed at several resorts around the world.

Sanghvi firmly believes that the digital marketing industry has changed dramatically in recent years. And she’s glad that bloggers today are getting the respect they deserve from brands and the marketplace. “Brands are realizing more than ever the importance of working with the right influencers. There is more awareness and knowledge about influencer marketing than two to three years ago, ”she says.

In the hospitality industry, however, things seemed to be getting worse as the pandemic hit and people were locked in their homes. But Sanghvi is sure that we will emerge from it with a new normal. “The lockdown has hit the food, travel and hospitality industries hard, which also affects us indirectly. I don’t know about the vaccine, but we have to accept social distancing and adequate disinfection measures and live with them carefully. People will not get off except for work or unless it is absolutely necessary. This has and really will affect all of the food, travel, and vacation in the hotel business. But I feel that the future is bright. Once things work, the need for social media and influencer marketing will also increase, “she says, adding,” This will also stimulate domestic tourism as more and more people want to travel internally to places in India that do are closer and safer than long quarantine periods abroad. “

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