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The travel industry has been severely affected by the coronavirus outbreak. Travelpayouts Reach out to popular travel bloggers to ask about their travel plans, businesses, and how they are preparing for the future.

Here are some takeaways:

– Travel bloggers avoid traveling and get stuck at home. “Personally, the vivid daylight frightens me when I’m stuck on a plane with a possible virus for more than an hour.”

– Bloggers lose money due to missed speeches and conference cancellations.

– They are waiting for things to recover at the beginning of summer when the travel season starts and the pandemic is under control.

– In the meantime, bloggers recommend taking the time to work on content and SEO as you usually don’t have enough time to do it.

– Bloggers are attending more webinars than ever before in a short space of time. It is a good time to start building your online presence.

– Travel bloggers have compensated for a decrease in traffic on their websites by writing about coronavirus and domestic travel.

Tarun Denniz

Welcome to Travel Clans – Travel Planning Made Simple

Given the severity of the pandemic, my travel plans have been postponed until a cure or vaccine was made available. According to WHO and other medical research facilities, a possible cure is six months or more away, so it is wise to keep travel to an absolute minimum for now.

Governments. call for events to be put on hold to prevent the virus from spreading and there will be small numbers of people. The release of the new James Bond movie has been delayed for seven months as producers know that turnout will be low due to the fear factor of contracting the virus.

If you can avoid traveling, avoid it for now. When travel is essential, all necessary precautions must be taken. Personally, if I’m stuck on an airplane with a possible virus for more than an hour, the living daylight scares me.

Unfortunately until there is formal confirmation from various governments. With the virus under control or with a vaccine available, vacation travel, especially outside of the city limits, will see a downturn.

I use Travelpayouts and have found that the number of visits for flights and hotel bookings has dropped dramatically. Hopefully June will get closer to the summer holidays and the pandemic will be under control.

Matt Morelli


Coronavirus did not affect our travel plans. We are planning a press trip to the Netherlands in a few more weeks and are continuing plans for an Asia tour in the course of the year. We will of course continue to monitor the situation and will likely follow the UK Government’s travel advice if it is issued. The environmental impact of travel has a much bigger impact on our travel decisions than the current coronavirus.

We have certainly noticed that some of them have been canceled due to coronavirus. The cancellation of ITB Berlin (the largest travel fair for over 50 years) was a little shocking, and there were various WordPress meetups that were also canceled. On the plus side, some organizers put their events online, which means more people have been able to network and access conversation and advice. I’ve never attended so many webinars in such a short time. It was great!

Travel bloggers have compensated for the reduction in traffic on their websites by writing about coronavirus. I think there is already a very large pool of information about coronavirus and the potential to create further public confusion. Unless you’re able to provide a unique perspective with qualified, verifiable information on the subject, I can’t see much point in producing coronavirus content just because of that.

I’ve also noticed an increased interest in domestic travel articles so we make sure our UK articles are up to date and I would probably recommend other travel bloggers to do the same with their domestic posts until this is all over.

The number of click-throughs and bookings from partners through our website has certainly decreased, due to a 30% reduction in search traffic in all regions. However, we do not panic. We are confident that this is over and that the situation will improve. For now, at least, we haven’t made any drastic changes to our strategies. We’re confident that the content we’re working on may not get as much exposure as we’d normally like, but later in the year things will pick up speed again.

Michael Rozenblit


We planned to attend two conferences earlier this month – one in Germany and one in Italy – both of which were either canceled or postponed. Our flights to and from Italy have also been canceled. We also closely monitor all travel restrictions that may lead to quarantine or refusal of entry in certain countries.

It is difficult to recommend anything at the moment as it is difficult to know how long the trip will be interrupted due to the virus. We are closely monitoring how the situation improves and are considering changes to content priorities due to the outbreak

As our website mainly focuses on travel in Europe, we have seen less traffic and fewer bookings in this region in recent weeks, especially in Southern Europe.

Nick & Lins

We had no plans to visit the hardest hit countries (Italy, China, Iran, …), so we decided not to give in to the current “Corona fear” and stick to our schedule. Of course, we continue to closely monitor the latest news.

We receive cancellations for the summer in Europe. Many resorts are currently seeing a drop in bookings and freezing their advertising budgets. While we think now is actually the right time to invest in advertising.

We recommend traveling further! The risk of being injured in a traffic accident is still significantly higher than when the coronavirus was recorded. And deadlier. But that didn’t stop anyone from traveling. Just travel smart. Avoid walking in danger zones (unless you have a blog about the coronavirus), wash your hands frequently, keep your distance from strangers at transportation hubs, and watch the news.

We are seeing a decline in our total travel partners, which is not surprising given that governments are currently reporting a drop in tourism of up to 50%. We continue to advise travelers to continue traveling, but read the refund policy carefully and purchase additional insurance.

Johnny Ward


I run a charity muditaadventures.comwhere our adventure travel fund projects in developing countries. We had to cancel everything. Personally, I was in Yemen last week and took the last flight out wild. My travels are now interrupted until September, I think.

Travel bloggers need to adapt to these circumstances and focus on content and SEO. Real travelers always neglect search engine optimization and regular content because they are too busy traveling. We always want to come back to the essentials. This is our chance.

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