The Best Villas in Ubud With Private Pool

Well it’s hard not to like Ubud as its vibe is unique and there is so much to do here!

Think: wellness, culture, peace, jungle, healthy food … you will get a clear idea of ​​how you can benefit from your stay in Ubud!

There is a special energy here that enchanted the first foreigners who settled in Bali as early as the 1920s. And visitors are still drawn to Ubud’s natural beauty today.

The city has a reputation for being quieter than the south of the island, especially in terms of nightlife. Among expats, we say that the people who live here are of the “spiritual people” type.

If you are looking for activities related to wellness and spirituality you have come to the right place. There are Balinese healers and Reiki masters everywhere in Ubud, while yoga retreats and studios have sprung up on every corner in recent years.

The Balinese themselves say that Ubud is the real Bali (although it can get very touristy) as opposed to southern Bali. In fact, Ubud is surrounded by significant temples such as the mother temple Besakih, Tirta Empul or Goa Gajah – to name just a few.

Local culture is ubiquitous in Bali – it’s impossible not to notice it! Experiencing a religious ceremony or procession is extremely common. In fact, you are likely to come across one blocking traffic as you drive around!

The city is in a fairly central location on the island. Getting one of the best villas in Ubud could be a great base from which to explore the most popular tourist attractions around Bali – waterfalls, beaches and temples.

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