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The Best 3-Season Backpacking Sleeping Bag

With autumn just around the corner, VENTURE 4TH® is bringing out a new color for the popular backpack sleeping bag: silver / black! The sleeping bag will be available on the Amazon market in the first half of September 2019.

The sleeping bag has proven itself and ensures a pleasant spring, summer and autumn. The temperature is between 35 ° F and 77 ° F. Whether you are a fan of the warm summer nights or the cool autumn evenings, this sleeping bag will ensure that you sleep safely and comfortably all night.

The three colors currently on offer are blue / gray, red / orange and green / green. The silver / black combo is free for those who prefer their camping gear a little more subdued.

This sleeping bag is perfect for anyone looking for an outdoor adventure! Whether it’s camping, a night of stars, a festival, an overnight stay in the backyard, or a backpacking trip, this sleeping bag will meet all of the needs you’ve been looking for. With the sleek new color combination and ultra-light design, all of your outdoor friends will be the envy of all.

Lightweight and Compact – The compression straps that come with the tote bag allow the sleeping bag to be rolled up. This also makes it easier to carry than most of the other sleeping bags out there. When rolled up, the total weight is only 2.9 pounds! It is designed so that even a child can enjoy it.

Multi-season and weatherproof – the sleeping bag is made of waterproof 210T polyester and will keep you dry even in bad weather. The bag has been tested to the highest standard outdoor enthusiasts seek to ensure that a broken zipper doesn’t ruin your experience. This 3-season sleeping bag is a great addition to anyone’s camping gear.

DURABLE AND BREATHABLE – The high quality polyester the sleeping bag is made of is soft to the touch so you don’t have to worry if you itchy The outer shell and lining material have been carefully selected and tested to ensure the user is warm on fall evenings with a temperature of 35 ° F on the mountain and cool on summer nights with 75 ° F at a music festival.

The sleeping bag itself, when fully rolled out, is 29.5 “wide and 86.6” long and will comfortably fit a child or adult up to 5’11 “tall. The running design is big enough to be comfortable but comfortable enough to keep you snug.

VENTURE 4TH® also sells a variety of other outdoor gear and accessories, including sleeping bag pads, quick-drying travel towels, and portable chargers, all of which are tailored to the lifestyles of people who love the outdoors or just travel a lot.

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