The 7 Most Gorgeous Airbnb in the Quebec City Region

What if I gave you this on a single mountain in the Quebec City area are the 7 nicest Airbnbs to get out of town? And not 75 minutes from Quebec City. No! 30 minutes away! When I show you these 7 architectural wonders that are at the heart of the Mahlstromberg in Lac-Beauport, You will think a 30 minute drive between now and next weekend is more than necessary.

Objective: Maelstrom

A mountain at 580 meters with a 360-degree panoramic view can make the Charlevoix mountains blush with jealousy. The Maelstrom is not just a mountain to rest on. It is also a mountain that is wonderful to move around in. In collaboration with Les Sentiers du Moulin and the provincial snowmobile trail (FCMQ), you can explore the mountain seasonally by mountain bike (including the bike-in-bike-out formula), hiking, snowshoeing, fat bikes and snowmobiles.

Since these are seasons, I want to tell you how wonderful this mountain looks in any weather. In winter you might think you are in the Rocky Mountains in western Canada. The air is invigorating. In spring it feels like waking up to the rhythm of the hatching buds. In summer the days are bathed in bright light, while at night the Milky Way and its thousands of stars appear on a deep blue canvas. In autumn there are many colors that mix with the delicious scents of the forest. And what about the sunrises and sunsets that are majestic, magical and breathtaking regardless of the season?

That is why I offer you a lovely visit to 7 of the most beautiful eco-homes of this incredible little house style mountain. I am not surprised that many will win their hearts for a weekend as each one is designed to give you a unique and unforgettable experience!

The Lagöm

Photo credit: Le Maelstrom / Airbnb / Laury-Jane
Photo credit: Le Maelstrom / Airbnb / Laury-Jane

Where everything began. Laury-Jane Mondoux Poirier, co-owner of the Lagöm and manager of Maelstrom rentals, had a very specific vision for this mountain, a vision that required visibility to create madness. She will have been successful in building the Lagöm.

Inspired by the Swedish philosophy of the same name, the Lagöm invites you to simplicity, minimalism and contemplation. Because at a height of 550 meters you know for yourself that there is a lot to see from up there. The Lagöm undoubtedly has the most beautiful view from the mountain.

You can enjoy it on a majestic 3-story terrace that seems to float above the tall trees. Once inside, everything invites you to relax: the smell of white pine that covers the walls and floors, the clean Scandinavian decor, the abundant windows that invite the beauties of the surrounding nature, the small details that give us that here and there Giving you the feeling of being “like” at home “.

From the first rentals, the photos of visitors immortalizing their more than inspiring stay went around the internet until they caught the attention of blogs, programs and magazines about travel and decoration. We talked about the Lagöm at TVA (at Salut Bonjour and CASA), Radio Canada, in Pratico Practice magazine, in dozens of blogs such as Narcitiy, Curiocity, MTL Blog, MSN Travel and others. This visibility has allowed the Lagöm to establish its reputation and attract investors who want to join Laury-Jane’s vision.

Since then, several eco-friendly accommodations have grown on the Maelstrom, which have become a must for Quebec City area rejuvenation. We look forward to Laury-Jane’s new baby and her mountain mates, the Hygge, a haunting concept in the forest with a very lively design. It’s a good bet we talk as much, if not more, about it than the Lagom.

Space for 4 people.

To book the Lagöm, click here!

The Laos

Photo credit: Airbnb / Hélène

The original architecture and the resounding success of the Lagöm obviously led many to reproduce the formula for success. For this reason, the owners of Laos took inspiration from various characteristic elements of the Lagum to reproduce the concept with their own personal touch. What we love about Laos is the view of the Relais ski slopes and the contrast between the different tones of wood and the elements of black hardware that give the place a rustic-modern look.

Space for a maximum of 4 people.

To book the Lao, click here!

The cache

Photo credit: Le Maelstrom / Airbnb / Laury Jane

The owners of the cache went there with a surprising concept. With its modern exterior architecture one could think of continuity of style inside, but no! We open the door and find ourselves in a completely different universe, reminiscent of wooden caches in the forest. Probably where the inspiration for the name comes from. What we love about the Cache is the intimate and warm atmosphere and the furniture of yesterday that is combined with modern conveniences. A charming cocoon that is sure to charm you.

Space for a maximum of 6 people.

To book the cache, click here!

The panorama

Photo credit: Le Maelstrom / Airbnb / Francis

Panorama is a very apt name. The view of the beautiful outside panorama corresponds to that inside. The harmonious mixture of raw materials combined with modern elements gives the room a successful, versatile style. What we like about the Panorama is the use of landings inside to divide the spaces and the majestic 4-sided fireplace, the view of which can be enjoyed both inside and outside.

Can accommodate up to 4 people.

To book the panorama, click here!

The aura

Photo credit: Le Maelstrom

With an architecture reminiscent of the top of the fir trees, the aura blends in perfectly with its surroundings. Inside, everything has been designed to take advantage of the amenities of the home while being completely elsewhere. What we love about the aura is the feeling of being in our childhood cubicles and reconnecting with the feeling of being safe. We also like (very) the outdoor terrace spa and quick access to a hiking trail.

Can accommodate up to 6 people.

To book The Aura, click here!

The cabin

Photo credit: Le Maelstrom / Airbnb / Nick

The architecture of the cabin is not only thoughtful but also fun, especially on the second floor where two single beds are housed in bunk beds in an original way. There is also a shower outside to rinse your feet with mud after a long bike ride on the many mountain trails or to simply cool off on hot summer days. The hut offers a breathtaking view of the sunsets and the illuminated mountains of the Relais ski area even after dark during the winter season.

Space for a maximum of 4 people.

To book the cabin, click here!

The mica

With mica we are in an almost futuristic universe. During the white season it blends in with the surroundings thanks to its color, but impresses the natural curves with its architecture with pure and straight lines. The impression is to come across a machine from space in the middle of the forest! What we love about Mica is his ultra-modern style mixed with intrigue and ingenuity, and his almost complete stripping that allows him to close and fill in the void.

Space for a maximum of 4 people.

To book the mica, click here!

Hoping to have given you the taste of traveling in the beautiful region of Quebec City. While I am waiting to be able to travel to other countries again, I invite you to travel safely through the various products I offer you in my shop, including customized world maps, world map coloring, safari animals on canvas and more. If you have any questions or comments, don’t hesitate to contact me!

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