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‘Solo travelling in beautiful Bratislava’

I woke up early to a drizzly day, put on my new rain jacket, and went down to the Danube. I walked down the footpath until I came to a pedestrian crossing because I wasn’t trying to cross four lanes with tram rails in the middle with no traffic lights! The Danube looked pretty bleak under the gray sky, but I went to the Most SNP bridge (the one with the UFO restaurant) before crossing the street again and going back to Hviezdoslavovo Square.

The rain jacket was way too hot, so I walked back to my apartment across the square that is supposedly a pedestrian zone. Delivery vehicles, taxis, trams, buses and trolleybuses are also allowed to be used, so it wasn’t as easy as it seemed. When I turned the corner into my normally quiet street, I ran into a traffic jam. The whole street was clogged with cars! Before, I hadn’t noticed the elementary school on the corner of my street, and every mother in Bratislava took her child to school. I say, child, because strangely enough, each mother had only one child, usually a girl.

I hung my wet raincoat on the door hook and went back out. One of the local cafes was open! Dare I try? I handed over my eco-friendly mug and asked for so much coffee and milk. € 2.10 (AU $ 3.40) and it was filled to the brim! I found my café! And it opens at 8 o’clock! I was so happy to have coffee (my first since leaving Australia) that I forgot to ask if they make breakfast.

I crossed Hviezdoslavovo Square again, walked up a side street towards the city’s main square and actually found it without referring to a map or phone. It was empty except for a few Asian tourists. I went around and took pictures of the beautiful buildings and statues. I went to the other side of the square to find an interesting little shop called Wine Not? and noticed another cute little shop right next to it. The owner was very kind. While serving me, she apologized for taking off her underwear as it was very hot. I had a sleeveless top that probably made her feel hotter, but the store was very warm. I bought a Slovak pin and because it also sold postage stamps, a couple of postcards. Now all I have to do is find a place to post them!

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