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Should I book my summer 2021 holiday now to beat the rush?

The news that the British are likely to be among the first in the world to receive a coronavirus vaccine has long awaited confidence in our return to normal. and last but not least for the travel industry.

What does it mean for your well-deserved vacation next year? Is it safe to book now? Will the resorts be sold out? Will prices go up soon? The only certainty these days is that nothing is certain. But that’s what our experts say.

Book now before the rush

A UK Travel Association (ABTA) spokesman told Telegraph Travel: “There have been positive developments this week in terms of vaccine security and this will undoubtedly help restore consumer confidence in travel. We know our members People have reported booking for 2021 and we expect the news about a vaccine to increase in the future as people are keen to catch up on what they missed this year. The case remains that booking early Giving people the widest choice and booking offers, package tours offer the highest level of protection. “

Paul Charles, CEO of travel consultancy The PC Agency, said, “Vaccine development is the be-all and end-all that the travel industry needed. A little confidence boost to show people that 2021 will be better. Across the sector, I see The Bookings for summer 2021 are pouring in as consumers realize that things can only get better compared to 2020. There is tremendous pent-up demand and there is no doubt that the second half of 2021 in terms of both international travel and travel in terms of stays is booming. Prices will rise 10-20 percent to meet demand as operators try to make up for lost profits from this year. “

Gary Lewis, CEO of Travel Network Group, said, “We are very encouraged to hear that a Covid-19 vaccine will be available early next year and understandably people will be very excited to make plans to travel again Capacity and prices for 2021 are under pressure not only because of the excitement of traveling again, but also because of the shifting of existing bookings from this year to the next, so if customers haven’t booked a summer 2021 vacation, plan and booking early is critical. “

Michael Vinales, General Manager of Olympic Holidays, says: “On Monday we saw a double-digit increase in holiday searches compared to the previous Monday. Greece, Cyprus and the Canary Islands are the most sought-after. Prices are not very high yet, but the holidays are starting selling fast and there is no doubt that the news of the vaccine will bring a higher level of confidence and assurance to people looking to book their vacation for next year. Now is the time – there are some amazing ones right now Price-performance offers for summer 2021. “

Would you like to flee further away? Jordyn Mackenzie, Sales and Marketing Director at Alphonse Island, Seychelles, comments: “Due to our remote location and limited availability of accommodation, we encourage our guests to book now for summer 2021. Since then we have seen an increase in requests for 2021 The announcement of the vaccine and to avoid guests missing out on our Explorer season (June-September), we strongly recommend guests to book now for this period. ”

Keep the fire on when booking

Saj Ahmad, Chief Analyst at StrategicAero Research, said: “I currently feel it’s premature to start booking vacations for several important reasons, including the availability of the new vaccine – the UK has committed to doses of around 20 million Currently only a third of the population is vaccinated and even then this will apply to both key NHS workers and those of older ages.

Second, if people start booking 2021 vacations now, not only are they risking raising prices as everyone is trying to do so with limited availability, but also the very high risk that other nations, especially potential tourists, will -Hotspots, unable to do this themselves or be ready for an influx unless they have access to the vaccine in greater numbers.

“There is no question that this vaccine is critical. The challenge now is twofold: managing the supply chain so that enough vaccines can be produced, and second, distributing the vaccine. Note that two doses are required are every three weeks. Given that there are more than 7 billion people on the planet, we will need nearly 15 billion or more vials of this vaccine to vaccinate the current world population – and of course, supplies and replacement parts are needed. And all of this depends on how quickly supplies can be made. “

Book now with caution

Telegraph Travel consumer expert Nick Trend advises, “It’s a gamble to book a vacation nine months in advance when there’s so much uncertainty, but when you come across a great deal that requires little or no deposit , a flexible cancellation policy is included with a bond tour operator, it doesn’t hurt to secure a trip now. “

Specifically commenting on airfares, John Grant, Senior Analyst at OAG, said: “The news of a possible effective vaccine will certainly encourage the public to think much more optimistically about traveling in 2021 and making bold and confident bookings. Now, some bargains might be found be available to all airlines. However, there is unlikely to be a surge in demand and the peak summer vacation season is nearly nine months away so there could be many twists and turns by then. But for the airlines, the travel industry and Especially for travelers, Monday’s news brought a strong ray of light at the end of a very long tunnel. “

Sonia Davies, CEO of luxury tour operator Scott Dunn, said: “Following yesterday’s announcement of a breakthrough with Pfizer’s Covid-19 vaccine, we have seen an encouraging surge in inquiries, but these are still early days and we are awaiting a final government action plan Recovery, including reliable testing, reducing quarantine and a more nuanced approach to FCDO counseling.

“We anticipate that the pent-up demand for travel will be significant in 2021 and bookable for almost two years. The same applies to certain destination experiences with capacity constraints, such as limited permits for gorilla trekking in Uganda, Machu Picchu -Limitation of numbers and national parks in North America.

“We particularly advise families planning to travel over the main school break in 2021 to book early due to the number of postponed vacations and limited spaces in our Explorers Kids Clubs. Airlines had to take drastic steps to survive during the pandemic to secure the flight volume is expected to be considerably lower, therefore the availability will be lower. “

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