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Russians affected by coronavirus will be helped in a new way – Pledge Times

Russian social network Odnoklassniki decided to help the Russians who stayed at home due to the spread of the coronavirus and launched the COVID-19 project: It’s not scary together! This was reported in the press service of the social network.

Odnoklassniki resumed the work of the coronavirus newsfeed in the Recommendations section in the face of new infection peaks and the introduction of additional restrictive measures. It provides users with information verified by journalists from 150 federal and regional media, as well as from official sources – the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation and the portal.

In the project “Together – not scary!” gathered all OK services that can be useful during self-isolation. In this way, users can get free advice from therapists via the Doctis telemedicine service and get advice from professional trainers and nutritionists in the Gym Online. The instructions also contain information about preventive measures and ways to discreetly remind relatives on the social network. The page also contains information about OK video calls that are available on the social network without authorization.

On the COVID-19: Together – Not Scary! Page, there is a dedicated section for those whose businesses were affected during the pandemic. Specifically, a course on social networking and promoting goods and services in the OK Business section. This website also takes you to the “Business Cabinet”, which contains all the useful social network services for entrepreneurs.

With the help of the guide, users can not only find out relevant information, but also have an interesting time at home: watch sports broadcasts and online concerts with stars, go on a virtual trip with the help of travel bloggers, and online excursions from museums of Different countries organize a vacation for themselves and their children with the help of fairy tales by Elena Letuchaya, Mikhail Shats, Katya Gershuni and other stars.

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