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Richest Australian Influencers: Top Net Worths

10. Lauren Curtis

Instagram followers: 1.4 million

The 26-year-old beauty blogger and YouTuber is the most visited beauty influencer in Australia and even surpasses Chloe Morello with her 3.5 million YouTube subscribers and 1.4 million Instagram followers. Thanks to partnerships with Colgate, Garnier and Bosot Juice, her net worth is estimated at around A $ 500,000.

Richest influencer Australia

9. Nicole Warne

Instagram followers: 1.7 million

One of the original Australian fashion bloggers to say thanks with her online alter ego, Gary Pepper Girl. Warne, 29, has grown into a true fashion force and now works with some of the world’s leading luxury brands such as Chanel, Valentino, Ralph Lauren and Armani. She was named on Forbes’ ’30 Under 30 ‘List of powerful people who run most of their business as creative director, branding advisor and ambassador for high-end labels.

Richest influencer Australia

8. Lauren Bulls

Instagram followers: 2.1 million

Under the influence of @gypsealust, Bullen has amassed a large following for her travel adventures, which she embarks on with her partner Jack Morris, who has a similarly large following at @doyoutravel. After an interview, the couple admitted Cosmopolitan UKYou will each earn a minimum of $ 3,000 per Instagram post, but can bring in up to $ 7,500 per post. Bulls also makes money from her coveted Instagram filter presets, which she sells for $ 77 per pop.

Richest influencer Australia

7. Gabby Epstein

Instagram followers: 2.2 million

The model and influencer, who also has her own YouToube channel, has partnerships with Bondi Sands through Revolve and also started her own lingerie line, Gabrielle Grace. Their net worth is estimated at around $ 400,000.

Richest influencer Australia

6. Pia Muehlenbeck

Instagram followers: 2 million

Muehlenbeck is a full-time social media content creator and a qualified lawyer who also runs a blog. Find the more beautifuland an environmentally friendly active and swimwear line called SLINKII. It is estimated that their net worth is around $ 500,000. In addition to her income from her own brands, Muehlenbeck is a partner of labels such as Tommy Hilfiger, Diamond Exchange, Mekka Maxima and Beefeater Gin.

Richest influencer Australia

5. Oakley Tash

Instagram followers: 2 million

Los Angeles-based Australian bikini model Oakley rose to fame with her blog, A Bikini A Day, which she co-founded with boyfriend Devin Brugman. She has since founded the lifestyle website The Swim Report and her own swimwear label Monday Swimwear. Oakley has never publicly revealed what it is making from its social media career. Given that she has stores in brands like Range Rover and Pantene, as well as revenue from her own brands, you can bet she is in the six figures. “We’ve made more and more money over the years, but essentially all of the money we make goes back into business and the things we care about,” she said 60 minutes.

Richest influencer Australia

4. Tammy Hembrow

Instagram followers: 9.4 million

Fitness blogger Tammy Hembrow’s clout received a huge boost when she befriended Khloé Kardashian, and Kardashian made her one of the faces of her denim brand, Good American. Since then, Hembrow’s influence has grown, leading to partnerships with several supplement companies as well as their own clothing brand, Saski Collection. These days, Hembrow can make up to $ 85,000 per post.

Richest influencer Australia

3. Emily Skye

Instagram followers: 2.5 million

On her Instagram account @emilyskyefit, this personal trainer and mother of one created a female fitness community that rivals Kayla Itsines. In 2017 she appeared on the Australian Financial Review‘s Young Rich List, which the newspaper has an estimated net worth of $ 32 million, thanks to its brand partnerships and revenue from its subscription-based diet and exercise plan.

Richest influencer Australia

2. Jane Lu

Instagram followers: 165,000

While her following may not be as high as anyone else on this list, Lu, AKA @thelazyceo, is the founder of the Showpo clothing company and has amassed an impressive fortune from the business. She made her debut on the Young Rich List in 2017 with a estimated net worth of $ 32 million and a target of $ 100 million in business by 2020.

Richest influencer Australia

1. Kayla Itsines

Instagram followers: 11.3 million

Not surprisingly, fitness trainers Kayla Itsines Thanks to her internationally successful Bikini Body Guide and Sweat app, she tops the list with her estimated net worth of $ 486 million (a joint fortune with fiancé Tobi Pearce). In 2018, she finished fifth on the AFR Young Rich List with Pearce.

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