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Nevis’ new way to showcase its island to tourists: Travel Weekly

In the past long months, tourism ministers, tourism directors, resort managers, health professionals and medical experts have used hundreds of webinars and zoom interviews, parties, virtual gatherings and cocktail hours, and social media to awaken the pent-up wanderlust of travelers back home.

The goal was to keep the island, resort, attraction and reopening center stage for those who are in quarantine in their living rooms.

Nevis has now found a unique opportunity to promote and showcase its home island through the Nevis Tourism Ambassador Program, a partnership with travel advisors, journalists and influencers recently launched by the Nevis Tourism Authority.

Six ambassadors were selected for their dedication and support in promoting Nevis among their respective audiences and supporters. They will highlight and showcase various aspects of the Nevis tourism product, from culture, health and wellness to romance, sports and adventure.

“We are thrilled that these people who love Nevis have agreed to work with us and share their own perspectives on what makes our island such a special place,” said Jadine Yarde, CEO of the Tourism Board.

“We look forward to working closely with each of them as we bring their Nevis stories to audiences around the world,” she said.

Here’s who they are, where they come from and their specialties.

  • Margie Jordan’s company, Margie Travels, is a luxury Florida boutique travel business tailored to the needs of the upscale travel sector. She has been featured in many online and print publications, including Travel Weekly, where she spoke about the lack of diversity in the travel industry, as well as her own experiences with “Traveling While Black”.
  • Wesley Francis is a “city-raised island girl” from the Bronx, a passionate Caribbean lover and travel planner who specializes in group travel for women who are tired of waiting for others.
  • Bianca Jade is the founder of the health and lifestyle brand MizzFit. She travels the US as a fitness, health, beauty and travel correspondent for local news channels. As one of the first fitness bloggers and influencers in the US, she was discovered by the Nike research and development team and first featured on the Today Show in 2009.
  • Stefanie Michael was named “America’s Tweetheart” by Vanity Fair Magazine for her digital presence on Twitter. She is a social media and travel expert with television, print and online functions.
  • Erinne Magee is a Maine-based travel and cooking journalist and writer with newspaper, magazine and online roles in her portfolio.
  • Melissa Corbin is a Tennessee-based travel and cooking writer who shares the stories of the people and places that make her corner of the world unique. It has national by-lines and daytime TV shows in its luggage.
  • Find her Nevis stories online, in print, on screen, and on the radio in the coming months. To track their contributions, visit for updates.
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