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Meet The Man Behind The Bali Dream Vacation – Jason Fong

Jason Fong, also known as “The Boss Of Bali”, is the go-to for celebrities and social media influencers looking for their own breathtaking experience in the Indonesian vacation paradise.

The Australian marketing specialist is well connected to renowned clients, from celebrities, social media influencers or well-known business people. Have you seen your favorite model, YouTube sensation or TV star share breathtaking photos of the island’s most exclusive hotels and villas? It is likely that Jason Fong helped make this experience possible. On the other side of its spectrum are the owners and management of myriad luxury hotels and unique spots that welcome travelers all year round.

Jason Fong believes that “it is better to see Bali once than to hear about it a thousand times from others”. An opinion that has become his mission. After years of experience in leadership positions for Australia’s leading e-commerce company and the country’s fastest growing online travel company, Fong has focused his efforts on expanding the travel culture to the “Islands of the Gods”.

Social media plays a key role in this mission. With well over a million followers on Instagram, Fong has an ever-growing audience that is inspired to visit Bali again and again. The site’s intriguing content is created with its customers – social media stars, professional video artists, and travel bloggers. Each post gives you one more reason to pack your bags and make your own experiences. The unique locations, the pro-touristic culture, the lifestyle and the culinary arts make Bali one of the most popular dream destinations in the world.

And while Jason Fong still lives in Sydney, he spends time on the island at least every two months. A place that many travelers were so warm hearted that they decided to stay.

First, visitors come for a variety of reasons. While some seek to continue or begin a spiritual journey in Ubud, others enjoy the laid back social lifestyle in Seminyak or Canggu. The gastronomic scene and reputation of the region are an integral part of the recurring legendary travel stories. And if you need a little more tranquility, the tiny island of Nusa Lembongan offers that kind of seclusion southeast of Bali. Really a place with lots of attractions.

With Indonesia’s borders closed to international travelers due to the current global health situation, Fong’s mission is more important than ever. Frequently released new recordings of Paradise in real life make his followers’ desires to achieve their goal once the restrictions are relaxed.

The Australian ambassador for the tourist attraction describes the travelers who come to Bali as very respectful, people who show appreciation for the island and only have the best on their mind. Hence, there is no doubt that they will return after patiently following the current restrictions.

An island that surely depends on tourism and can’t wait to return. 30% of the population work in the tourism and hospitality industry, other companies passively benefit from the constant waves of travel that come to Bali.

With the continued help of Jason Fong, the image and reputation of the popular travel destination are sure to rise for the best. The demand and engagement on The Boss Of Bali Instagram page is almost a guarantee that travelers will return as soon as they are eligible.

Fong and his team are always trying to turn the dream of another customer into a reality. In the end, another traveler who returns from a breathtaking place with magical stories is another ambassador who works for Jason Fong’s cause.

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