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‘Lost, sore and out of pocket: A solo day in Tallinn almost got the better of me’

What an exciting, busy and expensive day in Tallinn, Estonia! Confident I made my way to the Kristiine Center, a shopping mall just 2.1 kilometers from my hostel. I had to replace my two week old carry-on suitcase. It was 4 ° C so I thought a brisk walk would be just the thing on this lovely sunny day. Suffice it to say that I walked one street too far but arrived 3km later and found the Samsonite store with no difficulty.

With the refund of beach bags for my broken hand luggage suitcase, I decided to buy an American Tourister two-wheeled suitcase. Satisfied with my purchase, I went to Prisma, a huge supermarket and department store, and bought three pieces of rhubarb worth 30 (I assumed cents). But not like that – the code was 30 and they cost 91c each! I needed a drink and decided to have a little iced coffee. The container was brown and had a lettuce and a picture of coffee. Iced coffee right? No – it was the cream you put in coffee! I drank it – yummy!

Via the free wifi, I discovered that the Solaris Shopping Center had a Pandora store and thought, what the heck, I’ll be here once and the sun is shining, so-called Bolt. Bolt is the cheaper version of Uber and was founded in Tallinn in 2013. The English speaking bolt driver took me straight to the door of Solaris where I bought the beautiful golden charm of Alexander Nevsky Cathedral for my travel bracelet. My budget is right outside the door today and on the other side of town! To be fair, it was only € 4 more expensive than the silver cornflower pendant that is Estonia’s national flower. The sad thing was, I could have saved € 15.80 if I had my passport with me! Probably could have saved that on my suitcase too!

I’m outside and the sun is still shining so I’m calling a bolt to take me to the Telliskivi Creative City on the other side of town. It’s pretty widespread and after getting dropped I head in the opposite direction. Today is not going well! Must be the sunshine that confused my brain I want to see the Fotografiska exhibition. The € 10 entry price included three exhibits: Kirsty Mitchell’s Wonderland, Alison Jackson’s Truth Is Dead, and Fuding Yang’s Moving Mountains. The first two were amazing, but I didn’t fully understand the Chinese.

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