Jacinda Ardern Criticized Trump For New Zealand Surge Comments

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Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern and other New Zealand lawmakers are hitting President Donald Trump in unusually blunt words for his comments comparing the coronavirus outbreak there to the United States.

“Obviously, it is obviously wrong,” Ardern told reporters on Tuesday in response to Trump that there was a “great boom” in their country.

Speaking to supporters in Michigan on Monday, Trump tried to defend his handling of the pandemic by highlighting other countries experiencing sudden booms.

“If you look at the rest of the world … now all of a sudden a lot of the places they have been holding are on a big boost,” Trump said. “They held up names of countries and now they say, ‘Whoops! ‘

“Indeed, even New Zealand,” said Trump.

After no new COVID-19 infections emerged in New Zealand for several months, several cases emerged in Auckland last week. This small eruption, the source of which is being investigated, prompted Ardern to lock the town again.

According to the public broadcaster Radio New Zealand, there are currently 90 active cases of the virus across New Zealand, with a total population of 4.8 million people.

“You see what’s going on in New Zealand. You hit it [the virus]They hit, it was like the front page [news] They hit it because they wanted to show me something, “Trump said on Monday.

“The problem is [there is a] big increase in New Zealand. They know it’s awful – we don’t want that. “

But New Zealand politicians called Trump out, saying it wasn’t fair or accurate to compare their number of new cases – nine on Monday and 13 on Tuesday, according to Radio New Zealand – with the US.

“Obviously, I don’t think there are any comparisons between the current New Zealand cluster and the tens of thousands of cases that occur every day in the US,” said Ardern.

“Every country is experiencing its own battle with COVID-19,” she added. “It’s a tricky virus, but I wouldn’t compare the current state of New Zealand to the US.

“New Zealand’s nine cases in one day are nothing like the tens of thousands in the US,” she said.

As of Monday, the US recorded nearly 38,000 new cases of COVID-19 and 406 deaths.

Other senior members of the von Ardern administration also pushed back against Trump – in strong language rarely seen by a U.S. ally.

“The American people can find out that we have what they have every 22 seconds of one day for an entire day,” said Deputy Prime Minister Winston Peters. “That speaks for itself.”

“We now know that we have to take everything Donald Trump says with a grain of salt,” said Green leader James Shaw. “But I think it’s an absurd comparison when I come from the leader of a country that had 42,000 new cases just yesterday.”

Ardern announced on Monday that she would postpone her country’s September elections for four weeks because of the outbreak.

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