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Inside travel bloggers’ jaw-dropping £650k mansion in Bali paradise

A couple of travel bloggers gave fans a glimpse into their £ 650,000 mansion in tropical paradise.

Manchester-born Jack Morris lives with his Australian friend Lauren Bullen on the chic property in Bali, Indonesia.

They spent a year transforming the three-story building into an Instagram-worthy home.

You have three bedrooms, five bathrooms, a huge living room and a pool area surrounded by palm trees and sun beds.

In a recent YouTube video, the couple revealed that housekeepers, a gardener and pool guard, and security guards are monitoring the property 24 hours a day.

While many assume the couple has wealthy parents who fund their lavish lifestyles, the influencers actually made their fortunes themselves.

Jack Morris and Lauren Bullen’s beautiful mansion is located in Canggu, Bali

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Jack, 29, said, “We’re not trustworthy babies. Our parents have normal jobs.

“We only made money through default settings and contracts with brands.

“We piled our money in the bank and decided to invest in a Balinese house.”

How exactly can the couple afford the home?

Jack and Lauren have huge social media followers and can earn thousands for promoting products on their Instagram accounts.

You have been approached by global brands asking you to collaborate, from Disney to Tiffany & Co.

They also make money selling photo filters in Lightroom that fans can use to replicate their high quality snaps themselves.

The two publish breathtaking pictures of their home on Instagram

The Instagram stars wanted their home to look modern and industrial

Jack and Lauren spent some of their money on their stunning accommodation.

They bought their home and land for £ 460,000 before using around £ 200,000 to make it the place of their dreams.

This started with enlarging her home to make it more spacious.

Next up were the chic interiors, including industrial-style cabinets and green tiles that blend well with the picturesque landscape that surrounds the property.

Other exciting details include a walk-in closet with air conditioning, which prevents influencers from getting too hot when trying on clothes.

We are very jealous of the spacious living room

The kitchen area looks very swanky too

Everything has been designed with Instagram in mind, which makes sense when the couple is making their fortune online.

Previously, Jack told The Cut, “The house took about a year to build and it was a lot of work. We wanted it to be photogenic so that we could include content there.

“I made sure that our house was well photographed.

“When I’m doing an Instagram story job in the bathroom, talking about teeth whitening or something like that, I want the background to look good.”

The bloggers wanted to make the home as photogenic as possible

The luxurious pool has turquoise water and marble details

The couple is currently on lockdown at their stunning estate.

In a recent post, Jack wrote: “What our self-isolation looks like here in Bali.

“Netflix and Mario Kart are pretty much my life right now!

“What do you do to be entertained at home? Do you have series / movie recommendations?

“Hope everyone stays safe.”

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