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‘I ate one of the best meals of my life in this tiny European city’

Tallinn is the capital and most populous city of Estonia. The hotel is located on the Gulf of Finland in the Baltic Sea and the easiest way to get to it is by taking a two-hour ferry ride from Helsinki. I’m not easy to travel and I flew in on an Air Baltic flight from Riga in Latvia. Tallinn retains its walled, cobblestone old town, an almost perfectly preserved piece of history. It’s like stepping into a medieval theme park – just without the rides. Most of the roads are restricted to traffic, making Tallinn a paradise for walkers. You can wander the streets of the old town and not get lost. Most of the time the streets are flat or slightly sloping and there aren’t too many stairs. The streets all connect and the only dead ends are when you reach the walls that still exist around the old town.

If you stay away from the dozen of restaurants around the town square, the meals are cheap and tasty. Many restaurants are located underground with vaulted ceilings and are
filled with a warm ambience. One of these houses, aptly named Grandma’s Place, is just a few minutes’ walk from Knight House, my residence in Tallinn. Have to duck
To enter the cave in the basement, I ordered an apple cider (exactly half the price of my lunch drink in the town square) and Kana (honey-flavored chicken fillet in parsley sauce, garlic potatoes, wild mushroom sauce and marinated onions). . The total price was € 17.50. Seriously, it was the tastiest, wettest, most tender chicken I have ever eaten! And the nut-flavored free brown bread I got rounded off the meal perfectly. I could have just eaten the bread and butter and been happy. I think I’ll skip lunch and eat here every night. I wanted to try a new place every night, but I don’t think it’s possible to be better than grandmas!

Grandma’s Place was a wonderful place to sit and enjoy good food. Source: Adrienne Beaumont

Since Australia is the other side of the world from here and you meet so few Australians, the locals are friendly and want to know all about Australian life, especially the food and animals. Tallinn is off the beaten path, so you can stroll at your own pace and snap as many photos as you want without feeling dejected. Even when a cruise docks (only one ship in the week I was there in October) there is plenty of room for everyone.

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