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How Travel Bloggers Like Cedric Okiorina Navigate The Pandemic’s Effects – Press Release

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When COVID-19 arrived in early 2020, the effect was immediately noticeable. Countries began to limit the number of people admitted and to prioritize the safety of their own citizens. Travel itself became impossible and, to some extent, irresponsible.

A smaller, outrageous group hit by the effects of COVID-19 are travel bloggers – one of them is Cedric Okiorina, who has to make adjustments to his lifestyle. With several vaccines launched in significant parts of the world, there is hope that travel can resume.
Travel after the pandemic

In 2021, several countries are at the end of the pandemic. Borders are reopening, although travel from countries that have not yet recovered is restricted. Some countries with reopened borders have still closed their doors to visitors from the UK, Japan and parts of Africa due to the COVID-19 variants that appear to originate from those countries.

It is also likely that governments around the world will be targeting incoming travelers (hopefully) in the near future to prevent future outbreaks of COVID-19 and its variants. There is talk of a possible mandatory whether travelers have been vaccinated or not before they are allowed to enter a country. Wearing masks may still be common in certain countries, although this seems like a personal caution rather than a collective responsibility. For Cedric, hoping to travel again requires registering for vaccinations as soon as they become available.

“The vaccine is not only a protection for my health, but also the ticket to the resumption of my blogging career,” he said. “My friends around the world have expressed similar views.”
Navigating the pandemic

Travel bloggers – people who make a living curating travel experiences for others – are now stuck. Website revenue is now coming down as travel plans are being canceled, and with a decrease in engagement, affiliations and advertising are next cut. The question is how do travel bloggers adapt?

Without travel itself, travel bloggers lose a source of income. But like everyone else, they need to evolve. Some, like Cedric, have made it their business to stop monitoring traffic on their websites and blog about things beyond travel to keep their website alive – cooking, crafting, living a healthy lifestyle – and so on. It helps to switch angles – Cedric curates experiences for people living in his country to make up for this.

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