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People travel around the world every day. Some people travel to new destinations where they need a guide. Hence, a travel blog is indispensable in today’s world which requires a hosting voucher to activate.

You can also create a travel blog. This is a worthy endeavor as you make good money on fees paid by travelers who use your blog. The good thing is that the income is passive, so you earn every day whether you work or not.

Just running a website is not enough. You should create a travel blog. The good news is that you don’t need to be experienced in creating a travel blog. You can do it from scratch. Here are the steps you need to take when creating a travel blog.

Develop a unique name for your blog

In order to easily get your blog known, you should choose a unique name. Make up a name that you know will be easily memorized by many people. Remember, you will need a name that will sell for years to come as changing a blog name is not easy.

Avoid the popular names that have been overused by other bloggers. The name should reflect that the blog will be used for many years. Keep your blog classy by using formal names that you can popularize with businesses and companies.

You need to check the .com domain’s blog name to make sure it is available. The URL should be easy to remember. The goal is to make the name and blog site as easy to remember and access as possible.

Set up hosting

Your travel blog needs to be hosted, which is basically a home. The host rents you space for your website. An example of a host is Bluehost.

Install WordPress

After you’ve secured hosting, install WordPress. You need to create a password for WordPress before choosing your preferred theme. Then you can start building your site.


You can now log into your newly created site with the password you created. You will be redirected to the WordPress dashboard. This is where you do all of your business.

Choose a theme

You need to choose a theme that will make your website look pretty. You can link to Elegant Themes or ThemeForest for amazing themes.

Get a header

A header is important to distinguish your site from other sites. You can use professional services to have your header created by a professional.

Get essential plugins

Install the essential plugins required for a travel blog. This is where you need to be creative to add plugins that are different from other bloggers.

Start blogging

You are now ready to start blogging that your website is ready.

Last thought

A travel blog is an important website that guides travelers around the world. You can also use the above procedure to create your own travel blog and start earning right away.

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