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Holiday airfare from Cleveland Hopkins drops 45% for 2020; here’s how to get the lowest rate

CLEVELAND, Ohio – Cleveland Hopkins vacation flight prices are projected to be 45% to 48% lower this year than a year ago, according to travel data company Hopper. However, this doesn’t mean that every flight price is lower for every city – or that the flight you want on the day you want is lower.

“The more flexible you can be, the better your offering will be,” said Liana Corwin, consumer travel expert at Hopper. “This rule always applies and this year too.”

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Thanksgiving fares from Cleveland averaged $ 143 round-trip, according to Hopper, down 45% year over year. Christmas tariffs are projected to drop 48% to $ 173.

Nationwide, Thanksgiving rates are projected to drop 41% to $ 173. Christmas tariffs are reduced by 40% to $ 222.

Here are tips to help you get your best rate:

* Track tariffs now and buy when you see a good deal. However, if you miss out on a good rate, don’t despair. According to Hopper, tariffs are likely to remain low throughout the holiday season.

* Book Thanksgiving and Christmas flights before Halloween if possible. But, says Hopper, “If you can’t book yet, we still expect price reductions even as the holidays approach.”

* Hopper notes that prices are relatively stable during Thanksgiving week. The cheapest days to fly are Thanksgiving Day (November 26th) and Monday, November 23rd.

* Prices for the Christmas week will peak on the weekend before Christmas, which is a Friday. According to Hopper, flexible travelers should plan to leave early on Christmas week (Monday / Tuesday) when they can save nearly 30% off peak prices.

* Don’t forget to factor in additional baggage, seat assignment, and other charges – they add up quickly.

* For the ultimate in flexibility, book your flight with an airline with liberal change policies. These include Southwest, United, Delta, and American (but not all tickets are valid – read the fine print).

* Make it a longer vacation. With many schools being remote and people working from home, families should have more flexibility with travel dates. Flexible travelers are likely to get the best deals, as prices are almost 40% below peak prices within 2 weeks of Christmas.


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