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Heritage bookshop Stanfords launches crowdfunding scheme to survive Covid-19

The travel and map bookshop in central London was founded in 1853

// // Stanfords Launches Online Crowdfunding Program To Avoid Closure
// // The travel and map bookstore plans to raise £ 120,000 to survive through spring 2021
// // The traffic to the independent retailer fell during the Covid-19 pandemic

In response to the Covid-19 crisis, Stanfords reportedly launched a crowdfunding project to prevent the shutdown.

Founded in 1853 in central London, the travel and map bookstore launched an online program with a range of rewards for donations ranging from £ 5 to £ 5,000, ranging from a cup of coffee to personalized maps, books and tours of the map archive.

Your goal is to raise £ 120,000 to survive by spring 2021. Then she hopes London has recovered and people can travel more freely, The Guardian reported.


Managing Director Vivien Godfrey said the amount will allow him to continue paying the rent, taxes, wages and the additional costs that are incurred to keep the business Covid-proof.

Stanford founder Edward Stanford started out as a map maker and became the Queen’s official cartographer before expanding into retail, creating and providing maps for Florence Nightingale, Ernest Shackleton and Amy Johnson.

The independent retailer’s visitor numbers have declined during the pandemic. Revenue decreased 75 percent and online revenue 15 percent due to restrictions on global travel.

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