Heli Taxii ride experience in BLR

What’s the fastest way to get to the more distant destination? It’s by air and in a cosmopolitan city. I had some problems when traveling from my place to another place as the traffic situation got worse every time and I always wanted to get to the place on time by airway.

To provide this convenience, Thumby Aviation has provided a full city flight experience with a helicopter flight. Known for flying helicopters and fixed-wing aircraft for unscheduled air transports after months of the blocking period, I decided to take the pleasure ride offered by Helitaxii.

Helitaxii rides are led by seasoned Air Force pilots who have extensive flight experience and on which Thumby has operated without incident to date. You have more than 40 years of experience in aviation and more than 20 years in aviation consulting. The pilots can fly in difficult and restricted terrain. Aviation has a setter roaster of experienced and passionate pilots to help you keep your joy.

Thumby Aviation offers helitaxii rides for airport transfers that will take you to Bangalore Airport in minutes. This lane to the airport is known for traffic as it can get you stuck for hours. I’ve seen this a lot and as an alternative, Helitaxii can help you get to the airport in a short period of 15-20 minutes.

Thumby also offers private charters. If you have multiple flight schedules and you need to meet the deadline without getting stuck in traffic, you can hire a private charter that will allow you to fly in style, safety, and comfort. You can plan your trip with friends or family for an excursion and experience it to the fullest without traffic. You can hire a private charter to get to the destination quickly.

One of the most important and essential aids Thumby Aviation can provide is emergency medical services. We have found that many helicopter rescue operations can be done quickly, and the same thing can be found here. By providing advanced medical care and proficiency on site and reducing transport time, aviation helps with access to the non-vehicle area or in a remote location where a medical helicopter is needed when you call for an ambulance with your assistance and they help You to reach out for help immediately.When I was doing my joy ride in Thumby, my no-travel bond was broken as I haven’t had a trip since the lockdown began. For my joy ride with Thumby, they helped me explore the city for a short time.

Keeping in mind the safety due to the coronavirus pandemic, they all check the temperature, provide disinfectants, and disinfect the helicopter after every trip to ensure you are in a safe and healthy place without fear of catching the virus to infect.

During my short drive, I witnessed the beautiful greenery of Bangalore, the waters and the movement of traffic that I saw earlier in the year. It was a haunting experience for me but I wanted to get more of the ride but as the rides are limited I happened to enjoy the short amount of time I experienced after months.

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