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Have Cat, Will Travel! Top Tips for Hotel Stays with Fluffy | Lifestyles



While most pet travelers are typically dogs, there is an increasing number of road users who are convinced of cats and have adventures with their people. Staying in pet-friendly hotels is clearly an integral part of the trip – and it’s the main problem that affects cat parents. It is clear that there are some unique nuances when you stay in pet-friendly hotels with cats or dogs.

Once you’ve booked your pet friendly hotel, it is time to think about the best ways to ensure that your little cat is happy and safe during their stay. And in return, you can both have a pleasant trip. Here are our top tips for staying at a hotel with your cat.

1. Sweep the room

When you get to your hotel room, search the entire room. Be on the lookout for anything that can be dangerous to your cat. Open windows, dirt or chemicals on the floor, and enticing dangling objects are just some of the things to watch out for and fix. Pay attention to the areas that may be a potential “problem” and alert the front desk of other dangers that they cannot resolve.

2. Do not rush with the cat

When the coastline is clear, let your cat get out of her travel carrier at her own pace. Allow Fluffy to get out and explore when she feels ready. It can take a while so be patient!

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