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[Guide] Best loadout for the ZRG 20mm sniper rifle in Warzone

Source: Activision

The 20mm ZRG sniper rifle was added to Warzone this week, and while it’s only recently been available, it has already become clear that the new Cold War bolt-action rifle has the potential to be a meta-defining weapon.

The ZRG 20mm has a very high projectile speed, which is perfect for long-range missions, as you have to guide your target less when shooting. Due to the high damage and high projectile speed, this weapon is possibly the new best long range sniper rifle in Warzone. We have put together a loadout that will make the most of the long range capabilities of this weapon.

Overview of the ZRG 20mm sniper rifle

By default, this weapon has the largest kill zone of any sniper in Warzone. Every hit in the waist or above has a unique killing potential for an unarmored enemy. The big tradeoff for this massive damage is the slow rate of fire which is the slowest in the game. So you will not be using this for medium range conflicts as you will lose in combat against most faster firearms, including other snipers.

Fortunately, this weapon shreds from a distance at a projectile velocity of 925 M / S, which is the highest of any Cold War weapon added to Warzone. As a result, this weapon is deadly in sniper duels, especially if you use the right attachments to maximize ranged damage. At the very least, it’s important to use something like the Task Force Shroud Muzzle to reduce the significant idle shift on this rifle.

Best accessories for the ZRG 20mm sniper rifle

  • Task Force Shroud Snout
  • 43.9 “Combat Recon Barrel
  • 5-round magazine
  • Snake wrap handle
  • Ultrazoom custom optics

The muzzle of the Task Force Shroud will further increase your projectile velocity and decrease your overall sway. This is important if you want to take on the long-range duels that this weapon excels at. The barrel also increases the projectile speed and further increases the effective range of this weapon.

The five-round magazine is a good choice as it adds two rounds to the standard magazine. Most of the different magazine options will affect the ADS speed of this weapon. However, if you plan to build them for ranged combat, it is better to have extra bullets for follow-up shots.

The snake-wrap handle gives you back a bit of the ADS speed this build is losing due to the Task Force Shroud Estuary. This will not make the ADS any better than the default setting, but will bring it back roughly to where the weapon was started in terms of ADS speed.

Finally, you can equip this weapon with whatever long-range optics you prefer. The user-defined ultrazoom function works. If you want to add an extra attachment like the SOF Target Designator laser, you can also go with the standard optics which are more than usable.

With all of these attachments in place, this rifle becomes an easier-to-control long-range killing machine. If you do decide to run the ZRG 20mm in your loadout drop, be sure to add a weapon that can cover your close and medium range as this weapon will be badly outperformed in any encounter outside of sniper range.

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