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‘Grateful addict’ pens book to help people heal from grief

Former counselors call the book a “Companion for People in Grief,” but emphasize that it is a “way of celebrating life rather than being a dark story”.

Planning for Nicholas Goodman’s first book tour was put on hold when COVID hit, but the area officer won’t be stopped from speaking up and sharing personal stories to help others.

Goodman was a hospice worker, counselor and massage therapist which, along with his travels around Europe, enabled him to write a moment with grace.

“It’s been an interesting trip to say the least,” said Goodman. “I have seen so much in myself and around me, but it is absolutely wonderful to see places like France, England and Greece.”

Goodman’s book was supposed to go on tour in North America, but the pandemic changed those plans. He hopes to get people to read the book he calls “literary fiction”, most of which is true.

A moment of grace relates to the theme of love and loss, grief and grief, which Goodman has seen much of.

“I was a counselor at Simcoe Hospice a few years ago, working as an addiction counselor. Grief, loss, and the emotions that go with it are something I’m used to,” Goodman said.

Despite his background in dealing with grief, the 37-year-old writer emphasizes that the book is not necessarily gloomy and somber, but uplifting.

“I would call this a companion for people who are grieving, a way to celebrate life rather than being a dark story,” Goodman said. “It can get very deep and philosophical, but it also has a young man’s search for love.”

While Goodman cannot travel to promote the book, he hopes to add to the 840,000 or so copies already sold while he works on his second book, which addresses the first five years of his sobriety.

“I have a feeling of urgency to write this for some reason,” said Goodman. “What I’ve found while writing about my own past addictions is that I’m not gloomy or angry with them. I am grateful and grateful and maybe can help others. “

For more information on A Moment with Grace or to order the book, visit the Goodman website here.

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