Fall foliage 2020: Use map to find peak autumn leaves across the US

(CNN) – Cooler temperatures in parts of the U.S. make for a reasonable drop.

Trees across the country will begin a beautiful metamorphosis in the next few months, covering forests the colors of scarlet and gold marigolds.

The map pulls historical data and seasonal forecasts from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration to predict the exact time when the peak decline in the US will occur from county to county.

The map is one of the few fall leaf tools that provides accurate forecasts for the entire continent of the United States, according to the Smoky Mountains tourism website.

Predicting Mother Nature’s exact movements is difficult, but the map is as accurate as the occasional leaf-tensioner can expect.

The good news: if you fear autumn will never come, fear no more. The map appears to show that at least a little bit of foliage will be visible in every state by November 2nd.

Be quick though, as the map says most of the colorful leaves will be gone by November 16.

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