COVID-19: Italy to allow international travel without restrictions from June 3

Italy will allow international travel inside and outside the country from June 3, after weeks of lockdown, to ease lockdown restrictions on coronaviruses.

More than 31,000 Italians have died from COVID-19, the third highest death toll in the world after the US and the UK.

Italy imposed a nationwide lockdown after becoming the first country outside of Asia to have a major coronavirus outbreak.

Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte will open the national borders of Italy from June 3rd and allow people to move freely within the country. This is an important step in his effort to revive the economy after more than two months of lockdown.

Italians are given full freedom of movement, according to a government decree published in the early hours of Saturday morning. The statement confirmed that some companies will reopen on May 18 and will no longer allow social gatherings.

All travel restrictions will be lifted from June 3rd in Italy – an important milestone on Italy’s path to recovery. The government hopes to save the upcoming holiday season when Italians traditionally flee the cities for their annual summer vacation.

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