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Coronavirus live news: National Cabinet postponement won’t delay plans to repatriate Australians stranded overseas since COVID-19 outbreak

Coronavirus Pandemic Causes Burnout and Anxiety Among Australian Health Workers

(ABC News: Margaret Paul)

Slightly milder after the highs of Melbourne’s latest COVID numbers.

A survey of more than 10,000 Australian healthcare workers has shown More than half of them feel burned out by the demands of the coronavirus pandemicand some are so fed up that they plan to quit.

So far, 61 percent of respondents said they had anxiety, 58 percent said they were burned out, and 28 percent said they were depressed.

associate professor Natasha Smallwood from Royal Melbourne Hospital conducted the survey and said many respondents added in the comment section that They planned to leave the workforce due to concerns about their mental health.

She said it was “difficult to know” whether authorities were listening to concerns about anxiety, depression and burnout among health care workers.

“The concerns we are seeing are very categorical and people from very different medical backgrounds. Nurses, doctors and allied health workers are suggesting that enough is enough and they must go,” she said.

“They all have really big reasons to want to go, but they all feel guilty about having to give up a role they love, but they have to make that decision. So, yeah, I think we’ll see people do the Leave the workforce. “

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