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Coronavirus Australia news: Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews and Chief Health Officer Brett Sutton defend contact tracing

14thHhours in front

Audience comment from Appreciative

I like to write to all bloggers, whether they have been published or not. I am glad to be heard. Thank you.

14thHhours in front

Audience comment from Deb

Have you really read ALL of our questions, thoughts, comments, and concerns? I have to send you around the corner to hear about the crazy chatter. Good luck and keep it up. Who needs psychiatrists and psychologists when we have you amazing (but I bet badly paid) people.

14thHhours in front

Audience comment from Thinking of you!

Our hearts are with you Victoria. Please stay tuned. Although Qld is currently “safe”, our lives are severely affected by Covid. especially due to travel restrictions and not being able to see our daughter from Melbourne. Your contact tracking etc seems to be vastly improved so keep your fingers crossed all …… xxx

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