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Coronavirus Australia news: Australia records first day without a locally acquired COVID case since June

Federal Health Secretary Greg Hunt has thanked health workers across the country as Australia hits a day with no locally acquired cases for the first time in nearly five months.

Stay up to date with the coronavirus outbreak

Here is a recap of what happened on Sunday:

  • There were no locally acquired cases in Australia today. This is the first time since June 9th.
  • NSW reported a case associated with a known cluster. This is taken into account in Monday’s numbers.
  • Victoria recorded zero cases during NSW recorded four cases of overseas travelers.
  • Queensland and Western Australia each also had a case that travelers were brought back.
  • South australia announced that it will begin testing the sewage systems in Tailem Bend and Naracoorte for traces of COVID-19.

Look back at the most important events on Sunday that played out in the following blog:

Live updates

25thmprotocol in front

By Michael Doyle

We received a cue to close blog friends

Our coronavirus blog is now closed for another day.

I guess we’ll name it Donut day. Zero locally acquired cases in the country sure felt good.

Thank you to everyone who left us a comment or question. We love to get in touch with you.

We’ll be back tomorrow to bring you the latest coronavirus news and updates.

Until next time, you will stay safe and healthy.

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By Michael Doyle

Defense Force member with violation report in Darwin

Northern Territory police have reported a violation to a Defense Forces member who allegedly left his quarantine facility in Darwin yesterday.

The 41-year-old was subjected to a mandatory 14-day quarantine period after his return from abroad.

Police say he took a negative COVID-19 test both before he left and when he arrived in Darwin.

The man was brought to the police’s attention based on what the police called his “aggressive behavior”.

The fine for not following the Chief Health Officer’s instructions is $ 5,056.

In the meantime, more than 33,000 conformity checks have been carried out in the NT, with 155 fines being imposed.

37mprotocol in front

By Michael Doyle

A question about the quarantine between NSW and Victoria

I live in Sydney. Do I still need to conduct hotel quarantine in Victoria or NSW when I return from the Victoria or Metropolitan Area? I still see the hotel quarantine request on the NSW permit application form. Are the rules different if I enter NSW (Sydney) by air or road?


good day Alwyn.

NSW is demanding that people entering the state from Victoria go to hotel quarantine.

You don’t need a permit or have to go to hotel quarantine when entering Victoria.

You must follow the strict rules that apply.

47mprotocol in front

By Michael Doyle

How many travelers have returned to NSW?

Hi Mick, are you wondering how many returning travelers come to Sydney each week?


Hello Kerri.

Sydney International Airport accepts around 2,500 arrivals a week.

56mprotocol in front

By Michael Doyle

Do I have to quarantine myself in WA if I come from NSW?

After November 14th, can I travel to WA BY ROAD via Domestic NSW and SA without quarantining myself when I get to WA?

– Confused about WA rules


You need to quarantine yourself.

The alphabet Al Jrood tobacco did a really good piece that explains all of that.

1Hhour in front

By Michael Doyle

South Australia will test two new sewage systems for COVID-19

South Australia will test the sewage at Tailem Bend and Naracoorte for traces of coronavirus.

1Hhour in front

By Michael Doyle

A request from Sydney for a GIF

I’m in Sydney and I want a Doyle joke or a puppy GIF. It has been a while …


1Hhour in front

By Michael Doyle

Don’t forget that all Australians can ask questions

I love my Victorian blog friends. Just wanted to remind the rest of the country that they can ask a question too.

1Hhour in front

By Michael Doyle

A matter of deaths in Australia

Hello Mick, hello blog team. It is now being reported how the number of cases is increasing, what about the deaths? Is it comparable to the first wave? Is it less due to less severe cases, a better case section, or better treatments?


The deaths in this country during the second wave of the virus were far higher than the first.

1Hhour in front

By Michael Doyle

We’ll all be together soon

Hello Mick, I wish you and all ABC bloggers a good Sunday. You were a lifeline. Today we celebrated my mother-in-law’s 90th birthday with lunch at home. Socially distant, masks on when we don’t eat or drink, just the three of us. Sad that her only granddaughter, 30 km from here, couldn’t come to see us, but we made a Skype call. Soon we will all celebrate together again.


Hello Liz.

We hope your mother-in-law had a wonderful birthday.

1Hhour in front

By Michael Doyle

WORLD FIRSTS: Greece passed 2,000 cases for the first time

Greece has more than 2,000 coronavirus cases for the first time since the pandemic began.

Authorities said there were 2,056 new cases and six deaths last day.

The government announced new lockdown measures on Saturday (local time) to curb the rapid rise in new cases.

The restrictions, including closing bars, cafes, restaurants and gyms in much of the country, apply from Tuesday to at least the end of November.

The total confirmed coronavirus cases reached 39,251 and 626 deaths, respectively.

1Hhour in front

By Michael Doyle

WORLD FIRST: Germany has more than 14,000 cases

The number of confirmed coronavirus cases in Germany rose by 14,177 to 532,930, as data from the Robert Koch Institute (RKI) for infectious diseases showed on Sunday.

The reported death toll rose 29 to 10,481.

2Hhours in front

By Michael Doyle

A bit of positivity in Melbourne for a Sunday afternoon

Today we finally had to leave home more than 5 km …… Many people in Port Melbourne enjoyed the sun with friends. Most of the people wore masks, were far away from other groups, we felt comfortable, even if a little nervous. Please wear your mask in solidarity so that we can enjoy this beautiful city.

-Free at last

I just got in the car and took a Sunday drive. We didn’t stop anywhere and stayed within the 25km zone but it was such a relaxing way to have a sunny Sunday afternoon in Melbourne.


2Hhours in front

By Michael Doyle

WORLD NEWS: Mexican government says numbers are likely higher than reported

The Mexican Ministry of Health reported 6,151 new confirmed cases of coronavirus and 464 more deaths on Saturday (local time), bringing the total in the country to 924,962 cases and 91,753 deaths.

The government has indicated that the actual number of people infected is likely to be significantly higher than the confirmed cases.

2Hhours in front

By Michael Doyle

A question about driving to WA

If you are traveling to WA by vehicle, is a caravan an acceptable place to quarantine and do you need to quarantine in Eucla, Norseman or Perth?

-Not so gray nomad!

This is likely a question for WA Health staff.

2Hhours in front

By Michael Doyle

DOYLE JOKE: I didn’t originally want to have a brain transplant, but then I changed my mind

Hi Mick, I’m about to chat to my young grandson in Sweden who loves your Doyle jokes that I pass on after you work on the blog. May we please have one to celebrate 0 cases in Australia today?


2Hhours in front

By Michael Doyle

WORLD FIRSTS: New record number of cases around the world

Global coronavirus infections have set another new record in the past 24 hours – with more than 565.00 new cases.

It is because the COVID situation in the US and Europe continues to worsen.

Infections are now increasing in 47 of the 50 US states.

The death toll has now risen to 230,000 and the number of new infections every day has grown to nearly 100,000.

India – the second most affected country after the US – now has half of the new cases every day.

The UK has announced a month-long lockdown that will take effect across England from Thursday.

Almost 25,000 cases were reported yesterday.

Portugal announced new lockdown restrictions in the coming week after a surge in new infections.

2Hhours in front

By Michael Doyle

NT will no longer consider most of regional Victoria a hotspot starting tomorrow

Has the NT made any further announcements regarding any border restrictions for regional Victoria tomorrow?


Hello Andrea.

No further updates were carried out.

2Hhours in front

By Michael Doyle

Was there a Victorian press conference today?

Did I miss it? Was there a VIC press conference today?


Hello roadway.

Yes it was.

Deputy Prime Minister James Merlino was present, as was Professor Brett Sutton.

It was outside too.

3Hhours in front

By Michael Doyle

Tears and joy as Melbourne coronavirus restrictions allow churches, mosques and synagogues to be outdoors

Margaret Paul

It was a special day for many worshipers who could gather today.

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