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Coronavirus Australia news: AstraZeneca, Johnson & Johnson resume US trials of COVID-19 vaccine

AstraZeneca has restarted the US study of its experimental COVID-19 vaccine after approval by the American regulatory authorities.

A board of directors has recommended Johnson & Johnson continue the process as well.

AstraZeneca’s US study was suspended on September 6 after a participant in the company’s UK study reported a serious neurological condition.

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By Alicia Nally

While most states let thousands of people sleep on the streets during COVID-19, Western Australia has set its response back

abc news

WA Minister for Nonprofit Services Simone McGurk said her administration’s response was more of a process.

“We were ready to do more, but we didn’t have to,” she said.

“It was really a health response to make sure we had an eye on whether this would be effective if we had to get people off the streets quickly.”

However, the leaked correspondence from the ABC Background Briefing program shows how many NGOs in the state believe the response was an incredibly missed opportunity.

Alex man has the whole story here.11mprotocol in front

By Alicia Nally

That’s pretty funny

Great question “Where is the audience?” I like to wonder where Alicia gets her questions from. We are pretty sure that some “bloggers” write and answer their own questions quite often. It’s pretty obvious. And thanks, it’s great to know that other people can see that too. (especially on a slow news day …)

-We C.

My face right now.

(I wish I had the glass of champagne …)

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By Alicia Nally

How do we know ??

I just wonder – how do you, as journalists, hear when Daniel Andrews is going to speak? Do you get a text Many Thanks.


His office sends us an email.

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By Alicia Nally

Donald Trump says COVID-19 is “going away” – the numbers tell a different story


Just hours after US President Donald Trump claimed his country was “around the corner” during the last presidential debate on COVID-19, new numbers have surfaced that contradict the US leader’s rosy view of a pandemic.

The number of new COVID-19 cases reported in the US on Thursday was the second highest in history, according to a Reuters analysis, and was close to a high in midsummer.

With 76,195 new cases on Thursday, the news agency said the United States was nearing its one-day record high of 77,299 new cases on July 16.

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By Alicia Nally

Landowners denied access to their bush land prior to the fire season


The Northern Grampians Shire Council has refused to issue letters of support or travel permits to Melbourne residents to conduct fire or flood preparations on their property in the area.

This is despite Prime Minister Daniel Andrews’ announcement last weekend that city councils would provide homeowners in flood- and fire-prone areas with a 72-hour travel permit for cleanup operations.

It was a situation that Melbourne-based Katalin Anna was deeply concerned about.

Ms. Anna owns 12 acres of bush land in a fire hazard area in Deep Lead in the northern Grampians Shire to the west of Victoria.

Zalika Rizmal got the rest of the story here.35mprotocol in front

By Alicia Nally

I’m still waiting to hear when Daniel Andrews will speak

Any idea when Dan will get up so we can hear his thoughts on the current outbreak situation? Many Thanks!!

-And day

We will inform you as soon as possible.

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By Alicia Nally

Protesters arrested in Victoria yesterday

How many demonstrators were charged by the police in yesterday’s protest?


Victoria Police arrested 16 people and issued 61 criminal charges after hundreds of protesters yesterday near the Shrine of Remembrance called for an end to the state’s coronavirus lockdown.

Yasmin posted about it here in yesterday’s blog.42mprotocol in front

By Alicia Nally

Victoria’s coronavirus lockdown is almost over and trust is key to our economic recovery

abc news

As the Victorians have slowly slipped out of the strict lockdown conditions – a curfew at 8:00 p.m., a maximum of one hour of outdoor exercise, a restriction on being more than 3 miles from home – we return to something that is normal comes closer.

More restrictions will be eased tomorrow.

The schools are back. Park picnics let us see friends. The weather will get better.

We don’t talk about it much, but that was some remarkable group work, you write Daniel digit, Here.55mprotocol in front

By Alicia Nally

Key event

Victoria has recorded seven new coronavirus cases and no deaths in the past 24 hours

Melbourne’s The 14-day average of new cases is fivewhile in Regional Victoria it is 0.2.

The number of cases in Melbourne with one unknown source remains at 10.

The Victoria Health Department confirmed this morning that there have been four more cases related to the cluster in north Melbourne.

One case is said to be a student at East Preston Islamic College, where another student and parent also tested positive in the past few days.

Health officials are urging families and staff at East Preston Islamic College and Croxton School to get tested immediately, even if they don’t have symptoms, and to stay home until they get their results.

Both schools will be closed for the next two weeks.

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By Alicia Nally

Oh oh … Queensland Health is putting an end to that

Somebody has to do some math … an AFL ball is only about 30 cm long, you need 5 of them to stay 1.5 meters apart …


Does Queensland Health know how big an AFL ball is? 3 balls of only about a meter …

– Wrong side of the Barassi line

How big do you hold a soccer ball?

-Regulation size

Qld health – surely a footy is not 50cm long ??? Is my estimate of the length that wrong?

– Get into the mind

WHAT?!?!? Stop QLD, you ruin afl. An afl ball is not 50cm long

– Indignant

Uhhh …. how big are these Sherrins that QLD Health uses?

-3 feet = 1.5m?

So, according to Queensland Health, is a soccer ball about half a meter long? Get some perspective folks.


Look, they’re health professionals, not sports experts.

1Hhour in front

By Alicia Nally

And in SA … the number of visitors is 50

SA Health says:

“If you’re having a Grand Final party in a private residence, you can have up to 50 people as long as the number of people doesn’t exceed 1 person per 2 square meters.”

1Hhour in front

By Alicia Nally

Reminder of NSW visitor restrictions

If you meet up with friends and family this weekend to watch the Footy Finals, be COVID safe and limit your visitors.

Up to 20 visitors can visit another household at the same time. However, NSW Health strongly recommends that you do not visit more than 10 visitors at a time.

1Hhour in front

By Alicia Nally

Queensland Health becomes Grand Final Day

They described a new way to measure how far to stay away from another person – three AFL footballs!

1Hhour in front

By Alicia Nally

Missy has applied for 100 jobs since the COVID-19 success. She fears that her search could become even more difficult


When Missy Harwood quit her job with an insurance company in February, she had no idea how difficult it would be to find someone else.

The 29-year-old mother of two hoped to find a new role that would better suit her young family, but estimates she has applied for about 100 jobs with no luck since the success of COVID-19.

“I did some face-to-face interviews half the time they didn’t even get in touch with you,” she said.

Jade Macmillan has the rest of this story for you here.1Hhour in front

Audience comment from Sad Granddaughter

Today it is only the third time in my 37 years that I have not spent the Grand Final day with my father and Da (grandfather). I hope people can hold the line today and we can see the family again soon.

1Hhour in front

Audience comment from Ronnie

Tonight is tiger time !!

1Hhour in front

Audience comment from A Port Fan

1Hhour in front

By Alicia Nally

Israel has succeeded in fighting a second wave of coronavirus, but fears citizens will oppose further restrictions


Following the world’s worst per capita rate of new coronavirus infections, Israel has had some success with a second lockdown.

Despite the reduction in new cases, there are now concerns about how long people will be willing to adhere to restrictions.

The government has begun a “gradual” relaxation of coronavirus restrictions after the number of new daily cases fell from 9,013 to below 2,000.

However, the number of tests also decreased dramatically.

Serious cases have dropped from 926 to around 600 since the lockdown began on September 18. Epidemiologists say this is a true indicator of success.

However, they estimate that another 400 to 500 people will die from the virus by the end of November.

The Israeli government found that the second lockdown was much less respected – and in some cases even defied – than the first.

More of Eric Tlozek Here.1Hhour in front

Audience comment from Happy Tigers fan

Happy rainy big last day!
Go the tigers!

1Hhour in front

By Alicia Nally

The blog reader’s secret

Where do these “audience comments” come from?

-Where is the audience?

The audience???

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