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Coronavirus Australia live news: Child and staff member at Sydney childcare centre test positive to COVID-19

The Victorian government encouraged them to offer small, regular coronavirus lockdown steps

Offering small, meaningful steps out of lockdown on a regular basis could help keep people from violating coronavirus health guidelines, according to a behavioral expert.

Prime Minister Daniel Andrews said Sunday’s announcement will mainly contain “social” easing restrictions for Melbourne, with more scope for expanding freedoms in regional Victoria.

Mr Andrews said he will also provide a clearer view of how the state intends to further relax the rules in the coming weeks.

And as the list of freedoms returned to Victorians grows, each individual’s choices to act COVID safe will play a bigger role in preventing a third wave of infections.

Deputy director of the University of Melbourne’s Center for Behavioral Change Ron Borland said complying with the rules will become “a real challenge” as Victoria gradually exits lockdown.

“Over time, people will say more and more, ‘I’m only going to break the rules once, I’ve been a good boy or a good girl and I’ll just do it once to reward myself for all of my good behavior “, he said.

Professor Borland said the “Positive Steps Trail” should focus on providing small, safe steps that could benefit as broad a group of people as possible.

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