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They are press trips, not boondoggles

With NewmanPR’s history in public relations for cruise and target customers, we have extensive experience in designing, planning, and conducting successful editorial research trips. Each press trip is unique depending on the customer and reporting goals. The agency works with the tour participants in advance to set expectations for reporting and content production.

For cruise lines, the purpose ranges from introducing a new ship to highlighting an itinerary or ship program to simply exposing the media to the brand. We work with clients to identify a target market and then select journalists or social media influencers who are best suited to reaching the desired audience.

For the Florida Keys, press trips are made to highlight a specific aspect of the destination such as cuisine, art or activities such as diving or fishing, as well as ongoing communication campaigns on sustainability and environmental protection.

After all trips, we monitor media and social channels to produce coverage reports that show the client the value of media coverage to demonstrate a return on investment.

A picture is worth a million hits

Capturing the essence of a place and sharing it with the public and the media through compelling photographic imagery is essential to capturing and maintaining travelers’ interest in a destination. Whether the photography is illustrating a news story or used to create an online gallery for journalists, NewmanPR has the tools and skills to ensure our clients have high quality photography that is suitable for all media.

The agency’s president, Andy Newman, is an award-winning news photographer whose images are regularly used and distributed worldwide by Associated Press, Reuters and Agence France Presse.

From blogs, tweets and posts

NewmanPR curates both PR and marketing content for Holland America Line through various social media channels and one of the longest running online publishing sites – Holland America Blog – in the cruise industry.

The Holland America Blog is a one stop shop for everything cruisers need to know when planning their vacation, including information and links on destinations, shore excursions, news, special services and more. By using specialized keywords and strategic, consistent social media messaging, we can advance Holland America Line’s SEO goals, target their niche audiences and significantly increase sales while creating a positive public image for the brand.

In addition to consumer social media, NewmanPR produces all social content for Holland America Line’s retail channels.

NewmanPR creates all content for Costa Cruises North America and monitors several social media channels.

NewmanPR has extensive experience monitoring social media, watching multiple channels during the day and after hours, answering questions and bringing up topics on hot topics. In times of crisis, NewmanPR is enabled for 24/7 surveillance.

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