Bucket List: Top 15 Best Things To Do in Geelong, Australia

Geelong Bucket List: Amazing Places in Geelong, Australia

T.The city of Geelong has everything for tourists, especially families. Geelong offers a variety of activities such as swimming, hiking, wildlife viewing, and museum hopping. Here are some of the best activities to do during your stay:

Have fun in Eastern Beach Geelong

Eastern Beach in downtown Geelong in Victoria, Australia Photo via Depositphotos

Eastern Beach Geelong offers a classic setting for families. The beach’s fenced-in sea is complemented by diving towers, picnic tables and barbecue areas.

There is also a playground and a children’s pool for children. The beach has no entry fee, which makes the experience accessible to everyone.

Soak up the aura at the Geelong Botanical Gardens

Beautiful flowers in botanical garden in Geelong Australia Photo via DepositphotosBeautiful flowers in botanical garden in Geelong Australia Photo via Depositphotos

The Geelong Botanical Gardens offers a relaxed atmosphere for visitors. The number of trees is remarkable as there are 36 varieties of them in the area.

The gardens also have historical sites such as Queen Victoria and Lady Kiosk statues. When you need a break, there is a play area with picnic tables and BBQ facilities.

Swim in Adventure Park Geelong

Adventure Park Geelong by Alan Isherwood via Flickr CCAdventure Park Geelong by Alan Isherwood via Flickr CC

The Adventure Park Geelong is the largest water theme park in the Australian state of Victoria. The water park is best known for its water slides like the tsunami and the tornado.

Another notable area is Bonitos Bay Water Play, which is three floors of waterfalls, water slides, and even a giant tipping bin. There are also unlimited rides like the Crazy Coaster and the River Torrent Lazy River.

Interact with the wildlife at the Jirrahlinga Koala and Wildlife Sanctuary

Jirrahlinga Koala and Wildlife SanctuaryJirrahlinga Koala and Wildlife Sanctuary

Jirrahlinga, which means “find a home for a kangaroo”, heals animals and people. While this sanctuary is a home for indigenous animals in need, it also serves as a therapeutic environment for the spiritually displaced.

Some of the animals that you will find in this facility are koalas and kangaroos to help you with your recovery.

Go bird watching at Serendip Sanctuary.

Serendip Lake and Magpie Geese from fir0002 via Wikipedia CCSerendip Lake and Magpie Geese by fir0002flagstaffotos [at] Canon 5D II + Canon 400mm f / 5.6L – Own work, GFDL 1.2, CCDas Serendip Sanctuary is another therapeutic wildlife facility full of birds. There are 150 species of birds and their respective lifestyles, including feeding and incubating eggs.

During your trip you can also encounter other animals such as gray kangaroos, brolgas and whistling kites while learning about the ecology of the wetlands.

Be a kid again at the Museum of Games and Art.

Museum of Games and Art Geelong Photo via Facebook pageMuseum of Games and Art Geelong Photo via Facebook page

The Museum of Games and Art offers the opportunity to feel young. The museum provides a colorful setting with fun activities like climbing the cityscape, participating in picture frames, taking selfies on the museum’s screens, and sitting on bean bags.

In addition to going through the exhibits, adults can relax in the café and learn about playful education from educators.

Visit the Geelong Library and Heritage Center

Geelong Library and Heritage Center by Edward Blake via Wikipedia CCGeelong Library and Heritage Center By Edward Blake – Flickr: EHB_6331, CC BY 2.0, CC

The Geelong Library and Heritage Center is a must for people who want to study and relax. The library has an extensive collection of archives relating to Geelong’s heritage.

There are also occasional open seminar sessions for your consumption. The facilities have fast internet speed complemented by the latest technology.

Admire works of art in the Geelong Art Gallery

Geelong Art Gallery by Denisbin via Flickr CCGeelong Art Gallery by Denisbin via Flickr CC

The Geelong Art Gallery is the premier venue for art lovers. The gallery has a collection of 4,000 works of art including English ceramics, European paintings and Australian artworks.

Some of the works of art are “A Bush Burial” by Frederick McCubbin and “View of Geelong” by Eugene von Guerard.

Visit the Narana Aboriginal Cultural Center

Photo of the Narana Aboriginal Cultural Center via the Facebook pagePhoto of the Narana Aboriginal Cultural Center via the Facebook page

The Narana Aboriginal Cultural Center gives a glimpse into the first Australians who are the Aborigines. Tour guides will educate visitors about the indigenous Aboriginal lifestyle such as their laws, land and spirituality.

This facility is also home to the Narana Art Gallery, which provides a platform for local artists to display their artwork.

Learn from the National Wool Museum

National Wool Museum Geelong photo via Fb pageNational Wool Museum Geelong photo via Fb page

The National Wool Museum displays a staple of Australian culture, namely wool. The museum shows demonstrations of how weavers work with looms.

The most notable part of this museum is The Wool Harvest, which shows how sheep farming works, resulting in the classification, shipping and pressing of the wool.

See a performance at the Geelong Performing Arts Center.

Entry of Little Malop Street into the Geelong Performing Center by Marcus Wong Wongm via Wikipedia CCLittle Malop Street entrance to the Geelong Performing Center By Marcus Wong Wongm – Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0, CC

The Geelong Performing Arts Center is the city’s entertainment hub. In fact, the facility has two stadiums, namely the Playhouse with 800 seats and the Drama Theater with 325 seats.

Make sure to secure seats early, as events such as theater productions, concerts, and film festivals are frequent.

Play Escape Room Games at Old Geelong

If you are in the mood to challenge yourself and have fun playing, the escape room games are the perfect way to do it.

Old Geelong has many escape room games like Prison Break where you work with a group of people to remove the handcuffs and escape from your cell. Another game worth playing is Vault Heist Geelong, which gives you 45 minutes to solve more than 50 puzzles and earn loot.

Discover Yangs

You Yangs by Marcus Wong via Wikipedia CCYou Yangs By Marcus Wong Wongm – Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0, CC

You Yangs is an adventurer’s paradise. Challenge yourself by climbing 450 steps to reach the top of Flinders Peak. Well worth reaching the top to spot koalas, kangaroos, and 150 species of birds.

Other activities that you can do are rock climbing and cycling. After such a long climb, you can stop for a break at You Yangs Regional Park, where you can grill for free.

Enjoy at Barwon River Holiday Park

Barwon River Holiday ParkBarwon River Holiday Park

Check prices and availability

The Barwon River Holiday Park is a venue for all ages. Given the large area, there are plenty of things to do, such as jogging, biking, water sports, and fishing.

There are also child-friendly areas such as a bathing area, a playground and an internet kiosk. If you forgot to bring essentials, there are shops and supermarkets.

Jump in the Supaworld Trampoline Park

Supaworld trampoline parkSupaworld trampoline park

Supatramp is the perfect place for energetic people who love to jump around. This indoor playground where people jump around in more than 70 interconnected trampolines.

There are modified trampoline challenges that require you to jump faster to spice things up than they normally would. Some activities that you can try include playing dodgeball, diving into a basketball, and even climbing a wall.

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