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British expat publishes debut book about travelling in Portugal in the 70s

Paul Marsh, a 72-year-old British man who lives in Albufeira, ventured into the world of literature to write a book about his experiences in Portugal in the 1970s and eventually moving to the Algarve years later.

The book is called “Bender Rules” and was published in July.

Most of the writing took place last year after Paul realized that much of his life experiences might be of interest to readers who would like to know what it is like to travel around Europe and Portugal in the late 1960s and 1970s – or those like that themselves Have made experiences.

However, one of the main storylines in the book is the relationship Paul developed with a local street dog named Bender.

“It’s a big part of the book,” Paul told the resident.

Their relationship began difficult when Paul was selling jewelry on the streets of Albufeira in 1970. Paul wasn’t exactly thrilled that the tough street dog liked him and decided to sit over his jewelry display – “it wasn’t”. It’s not good for business, ”he writes in the book. But slowly but surely, Bender made his way into Paul’s heart.

What developed over the years to come was a strong bond that was not broken even when Paul returned to the UK or traveled elsewhere.

So much so that Paul decided to include Bender in the title and cover of the book.

The book can be bought online at or Amazon, in the Quick Pick stores in Algarve Shopping and in the Forum Algarve as well as in the Prima Pasta restaurant from Paul’s wife in Vale de Parra.

About the author
Paul Marsh moved to the Algarve in 1982 after traveling for many years in Portugal and Europe. He describes himself as an “explorer, joke, racing driver, puzzle fan and dog lover” and now as the lead author.

He lives with his wife Sarah and their two rescue dogs, a cat and a horse, in the Algarve.

He is a well-known local character in the restaurants and cafes of the Albufeira area, where he “always plays around and tells jokes”.

Paul’s favorite pastime after dinner is the Portuguese card game “King” with his two sons and friends, accompanied by a glass or two of red wine.

In the summer Paul makes a living running his own gift wholesale business, while in the winter he spends a lot of time writing, solving crosswords, sudokus, and walking his two dogs Harry and Kapi in the country.

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