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Baby Essentials For Travel

Sep 14

Going away for a few days and taking your baby or toddler?  We've put together a list of our top 15 essentials.

1) Packing cubes - a packing cube is a lightweight, breathable fabric cube that allows you to sort your clothes into categories. Once you've packed them into the bag, they will stay in perfect order and not get crumpled or wrinkled.

2) Baby carrier - for me personally, going hands free is essential when on vacation with a baby. A baby carrier gives you this freedom of movement without losing the bonding time while carrying your child on your back! In my experience, I can recommend Ergobaby Carrier as it's very comfortable and ergonomically friendly from the design perspective.  

3) Diapers & wipes - This is an obvious one, but still needs to be on the checklist. Keep these in your diaper bag.

4) Sunscreen - important even when you aren't out in the sun all day long...

5) Changing mat - the surface you'll be changing diapers on, in hotels or hostels often is not that clean. A changing mat ensures your baby's safety when in an unsanitary condition. I recommend this one (I use it too).

6) Hat/sunglasses for babies = It might be hard to get them obsessed with these accessories at such a young age but if they are already accustomed to wearing hats and sunglasses all the time it won't be much of a problem either...

7) Baby carrier cover - using a cover over your carrier will protect your child from UV exposure, windy weather and passers-by! There are also special ones for winter use which include insulation.

8) Portable changing pad - this is a great add-on for any baby bag. It's compact and it can be used as an ideal spot for diaper changes on the go, in restaurants or just about anywhere.

9) High chair cover - you'd think that high chair covers are only necessary when eating out at a restaurant but they're also very practical while traveling and visiting family and friends who don't have kids yet so purchasing some extra-large bibs might come in handy too. As far as I know there are some companies selling custom printed ones which would be appropriate to use both while dining out and visiting friends...

10) Toys & Books - A never empty toy box saves parents from stress during all moments of being stuck somewhere with their child. And the best thing is that when children play for a while, parents can take advantage and get some time to themselves (or with their partner)...

11) Bottle warmer - you might not think about it but sometimes it's hard to find warm water when traveling and this small device will come in handy! It defrosts frozen milk and heats up bottles in a matter of minutes. I definitely recommend buying one if you plan on warming up the baby bottle often .

12) Diaper cream = While staying in various hotels during different vacations I quickly realized that there are different surfaces which are difficult to clean even with wipes. While changing diapers my son would end up having rashes which were driving him crazy! This diaper rash cream was very helpful when in need!

13) Pacifier clips - pacifiers are a real savior for parents on the go with fussy babies. I got some of these and my son loved them... they were especially helpful when in long queues at the airport or train station...

14) Binkies - again, you might not think about it but if your baby is used to sleeping with a pacifier binkies are your best friends while traveling because hotel rooms are usually very silent, dark and cold (at least compared to home), which often makes it hard for babies to fall asleep  so having their trusted binkies with them can be a life-saver!

15) Nursing cover - just like high chair covers and car seat covers, this wearable blanket comes in very handy when you need to be discreet and/or covered. I was always able to nurse my baby pretty much everywhere as long as I had a cover (even in restaurants!).