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Australians Warned Against Planning Ahead And Booking Holidays To Two Huge Areas

The Australians seem to be able to travel. to the Pacific, while the drive to go international again continues.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison told Sunrise Monday that he had spoken to the leaders of the Pacific and that they were “very interested” in resuming Quarantine-free travel once their governments became confident that Australian travelers would say no COVID-19 Risk to locals.

He also revealed that they had talks with South Korea and Japan.

However, Australians going on a trip to Europe or the US have been warned not to plan one. They said, “You just have to look what is happening in Europe right now when there is another terrible wave of COVID-19 and of course we have to be very careful. ”

From this Friday the first bubble opens with New Zealand, Kiwi can enter the Northern Territory and New South Wales without isolation.

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