Amazon CEO Received a Letter Instructing Him to Change Amazon’s Health Awareness Policies

In a recent letter to Amazon’s current CEO, Andy Jassy, US Senator Elizabeth Warren stated that Amazon’s products are displaying the wrong information about the coronavirus. Even the ones which are referring to vaccination contain some misguiding details. 

Elizabeth wants people to get legit information. This is the reason why she wrote a letter and persuaded Amazon’s CEO Andy Jassy to take action against these errors. She instructed him to put some effort into developing the Amazon account management services policy for coronavirus campaigns and even other disease awareness.

People are very afraid of this virus and try to protect themselves at all costs. Additionally, we are also hearing these rumors full of hot air about the vaccines as well. So, leading them astray can cause severe damage to their physical as well as mental health. However, the information was not invoked by Amazon management itself. There were some brands and products pages that were misleading the buyers/customers. That is why she highlighted improving Amazon policies, not its system or staff. 

Moreover, she also claimed that Amazon’s search engine and so-called bestseller recommendation are leading customers to specific product pages. Along with containing the basic details about the products, these pages also include the guideline for dealing with coronavirus and also spread awareness about vaccination.  According to most of the users, including Elizabeth Warren, these instructions contain some potholes in between them. Moreover, Some of the guidelines also include false information which can be harmful to the readers’ life. 

She also mentioned that the top listed products on searching these terms (Covid, Covid-19, Pandemic, Vaccine, etc) promote products with misformation. The products also carry some misconceptions about the vaccine and other cures of Covid-19. In the first section of the list of Amazon’s Political Freedom books, you will see “The Truth About Covid-19 by Ronnie Cummins”. It is widely known as the biggest misguiding book written on any disease but still, it is present in Amazon’s bestsellers. The letter also stated this book and many similar ones are shown on the front pages when you search about Coronavirus or Vaccinations.

Most of the book about Covid states that it is a false campaign to lock people, it is a self-made virus to decrease the population, hospitals are making fake reports to get money from the government, and many more. And when it comes to vaccination, almost half of the world’s population is panicked. They are confused about whether the virus is going to kill them or the vaccinations. Lately, we all have heard thousands of rumors about the vaccination campaign. In most countries, people have been denied vaccination. Because they believe that vaccination is causing more deadly diseases, this is killing people to decrease population, kidnaping the person to experiment on them, or Microsoft is putting a microchip in their body.

Not only this but the most common one is in which a French Scientist, Luc Montagnier, claimed that all the vaccinated people will die within 2 years. However, all these statements and concepts are totally senseless.

Covid-19 is the deadliest virus in human history. By now, the virus has infected 219 million people around the world. Out of which more than 4 million lost their precious lives. It originated from China’s city Wuhan. Moreover, it makes the infected person sick with some other symptoms and it can be automatically cured by taking care for the next 2 weeks. But in some severe cases, mostly children or old people, it can lead to death. So they are immediately required to get proper medical treatment and quarantine themselves.

“We are constantly evaluating the books we list to ensure they comply with our content guidelines, and as an additional service to customers, at the top of relevant search results pages we link to the CDC advice on COVID and protection measures.” one of the Amazon workers said in an interview.

Lately, she has also appreciated the efforts of Amazon in promoting accurate detail about the covid-19 and its vaccination. In the new update, Amazon has included a comprehensible banner on the top of the home page of its website. It shows all the exact information about the diseases and drugs. Moreover, it also directs the reader to authentic websites related to health awareness.

Senator Elizabeth Warren’s letter included the words “But the results of my staff’s review are nevertheless deeply troubling. As cases of COVID-19 continue to rise, Amazon is feeding misinformation loops through its search and ‘Best Seller’ algorithms, potentially leading countless Americans to risk their health and the health of their neighbors based on misleading and inaccurate information that they discover on Amazon’s website.”

The Senator gave Amazon’s CEO the deadline of 22 September 2021. She also raised some questions about the covid-19 guidelines which are being displayed on Amazon’s website. Andy Jassy is supposed to answer all these questions along with setting up the health policies within a week. This letter is an example of how the Government and Legislation are taking all these things seriously. Because these internet giants are the major sources of guidance and have an enormous influence all over the globe.

However, Amazon is not the only company to face these kinds of warnings. The recent reports stated that the biggest social media platform Facebook, well-known video streaming platform Youtube and speaking bird app Twitter have also received messages from lawmakers.  A report from Washington mentioned that Amazon is limiting the reach of the fake products that are claimed to be effective cures for coronavirus. Until now, Amazon has specifically taken gritty actions against the drug known as ivermectin. The untrue comments about its effects are also blocked and removed by Amazon’s management.

However, this drug is beneficial to fight against parasitic diseases used by both humans (in small quantities) and big animals. But most of the ads which were taken down were mainly aiming to target the humans as a consumer. By putting a ban on it, Amazon is likely to face an ample amount of damage to its economy. Therefore, from now on, Amazon is also overviewing other products containing misinformation or claiming to be a cure for Covid-19.

Not only the drugs, but Amazon is putting an eagle eye on the book as well. According to the latest Amazon policy, the book which contains misguidance about covid-19 or any other sort of ill-suited information will also be taken down by the store. Having said that, sellers need to be very careful about the content they are using and search terms in advertisement. You can escape the risk of taking your account down by onboarding expert Amazon PPC Services providers who can meanwhile take care of advertising.

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