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A walk to remember: Hiking Vancouver’s breathtaking Lynn Canyon

It turned out that I had arrived at the Lower Seymour Conservation Reserve; It turned out to be a good place to start, too, although the main access to Lynn is from across the river.

Then I was on my way after settling for the 30 foot pool and Twin Falls. The secondary growth Douglas fir and western red cedars have shut out much light from the forest floor, leaving behind moss-laden remains and a mushroom or two. It exuded an almost eerie calm as I barely managed to take a walk and wallowed in the quiet joys of an almost ripe forest.

The forest was home to magnificent evergreens, many more than 100 years old. Source: Ian Smith

Now stairs intervened, which were directed downwards. When I consulted my card, I seemed to be on my way to the advertised pool. The echo of water flowing rapidly down a slide echoed off a rock wall somewhere, and as I approached the said sound, the beautiful swimming hole preferred by Vancouverites came into view.

The clear water revealed a mass of rounded pebbles, while behind that a yellowing maple was reflected in the surface, surrounded on both sides by evergreen plants. On the right came the noise, a tantalizing little ravine that I happened to have come closer to on another day.

I returned to the path, the route of which was now approaching that of the river, and it seemed like I would be at the half-famous suspension bridge in no time. I say half because the Capilano Bridge is known around the world and featured on many websites, while the one in Lynn is mainly known to the locals but has an additional function – it’s free. There was once a fee for JP Crawford’s suspension bridge when the park opened in 1912. It was also one of the few remains when it rained heavy rain for three days and the picnic area, bandstand and caretaker’s house vanished in anger water.

waterLynnCanyon2We see the waterfall and the river. Source: Ian Smith

I listened as someone compared Capilano to what he had done the day before. He noticed that while Capilano was longer it was more on your face as you were much closer to the falls and you had a sense of fear when they collapsed beneath you.

On the other side, the sky was in the shape of a cafe; Two floors of a log house with a who-knows-what offer. I was salivating to the point where I realized the problem – closed. A perfect day in the first week of October and closed?

My thoughts of a cup of hot chocolate and a series of tempting desserts faded as I walked down the opposite side of the river, further and further down, this time to the Twin Falls Bridge, and here the creek was really aggressive with cascades everywhere.

In 1989, the North Vancouver District decided to open a new suburb with 1,900 land units directly in the forest area, as the original park was only 10 hectares in size. Fortunately, 1,200 protesters showed up and the powers that be who suddenly thought it might not be such a good idea after all, and the park was instead expanded to 250 acres.

editIanLynnCanyon7The suspension bridge will put your courage to the test! Source: Ian Smith

As I turned around now, it was time for the upper part of the trip to think about beautiful moments as I grazed through the mostly pencil-straight vegetation that spread shadows over the forest floor. Douglas firs, this 100 years old, ruled over western hemlock and western red cedar. Although there are people who take the walk, they are rare as most experience the swinging bridge and waterfalls. Few dare to go where I am currently hiking.

Autumn lightning flashes through the gaps in the trees and seduces colorful bites that await me on the way home. Right next to my car, however, there is another bridge, the one for the local body of water, which is aptly referred to as the Pipeline Bridge, as it was probably used there to maintain the adjacent pipeline. Another large drop in the water is underneath and I am staying here for a few minutes to imagine that this could be my last tumbling stream for some time. I imagine correctly in two months since I haven’t seen anything of his kind.
I was lucky enough to have been briefed about this special place by a local when I saw a wonder of Vancouver that few tourists could see.

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