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3 Beaches near the you that promise family fun

Oct 12

During your summer vacations, you and the family might want to go for a weekend beach getaway. There are beaches near me that will be perfect for families and other beaches that will be perfect for those looking for something more secluded. Here are three beaches close by that will offer great beaches and beaches with lots to do:

#1 - Daytona State Park Beach

There are beaches near me that will offer a great family experience, and Daytona is one of those beaches. The beaches have a horseshoe shape for easy entry to the Atlantic Ocean, which keeps the waves from being too strong.

One thing that makes this beach stand out is its pink-white sand that can be found along with beautiful coquina rocks on the upper beaches as well as the boat ramps, restrooms and access ways to other beaches in Volusia County. The area also has lifeguards present year round, making it an accessible place for families with children. This beach offers a wide, long shoreline as well as a volleyball court, lifeguards on duty, and nice picnic shelters where you can have a nice lunch surrounded by palm trees.

#2 - Halls River Front Beach

This  beaches near me is a great place to go if you want beaches that are secluded and not very crowded. The beaches have access ways deep in the woods with rustic views of rivers and beaches surrounded by live oaks, magnolias and palms trees. There is also an abundance of wildlife including songbirds, rabbits and foxes that run through the beaches' marshes and wooded areas. You can also find many shells along its beaches as well as amazing plants like the rare lily pad heliconia plant among others. A nice feature about this beach is its lazy river-like currents which make it easier for anyone to swim without having to worry about getting tired quickly from the waves or currents. This beach has an impressive Rockwall Playground with slides, swings, and a pirate ship tower. You'll also come across a boat ramp, campsites, and picnic areas. This is a great beach for family fun.

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