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2022 Toyota Corolla Cross - What you NEED to Know

Sep 23

The 2022 Toyota Corolla Cross Hybrid might not have the look that stands out but it is a reliable car with many great features. For one, this car is fitted with Toyota's 4th generation Hybrid Synergy Drive which combines petrol and an electric motor to deliver outstanding fuel efficiency and extra power. But there's more to the Toyota Corolla Cross Hybrid that could convince you to choose it over its rivals.

Here are the top six things you need to know about the Toyota Corolla Cross Hybrid:


  1. The Hybrid powertrain delivers more power


The hybrid engine of the Toyota Corolla Cross Hybrid is available in all five trim ranges. While the bottom engine may be a mix of front and all-wheel force, the Hybrid is an all-wheel drive (AWD) only wherein the rear wheels are pushed electrically. Moreover, its powertrain is a 2.0-liter 4-cylinder engine delivering 194 horsepower. 


While the variable transmission of this Hybrid doesn't get the approval of many sporty drivers, it does get the vehicle up to 60 mph speed in a matter of 8 seconds. Many of its rival cars can't keep up with this.


  1. It offers a smooth and comfortable driving experience


The Hybrid is ultra smooth on the road and it is also extremely quiet while on electric mode. Apart from that, the seats also offer great back support to keep you comfortable even on long drives. 


  1. The Cross Hybrid has a spacious interior


While some people say that the interior of the Hybrid is a bit bleak, it compensates for that look with lots of legroom, headroom and extra space for movement. The cargo area also offers generous 1,891 liters of space, although the tailgate is not power operated. It's also important to note that the cargo area isn't flat as the sides tend to dip down. Even if you fold the rear seats, it will also not give you a flat loading area.  

  1. Equipped advanced infotainment system


The newest Toyota Multimedia Systems is now a standard across all grades of Corolla Cross for 2023. This system comes with a high-definition screen and wireless connectivity, making it easier and more convenient for drivers to access the infotainment system. Additionally, Corolla Cross cars also feature wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto support.


  1. Fitted with basic safety features


The Toyota Cross Hybrid is equipped with the Toyota Safety Sense (TSS), an advanced driving aid that is equivalent to Subaru EyeSight and Honda Sensing. Compared with Sensing, the TSS is considered by many drivers as noticeably less refined. 


Moreover, just like other Corolla Cross models, the Hybrid also comes with adaptive cruise control called DRCC (Dynamic Radar Cruise Control) which assists drivers on long drives. The DRCC works on all speed types, which means that it works not only on provincial driving but also in city driving, even in traffic jams.


The Hybrid also comes with other standard safety features for the Corolla Cross which include the driver and passenger airbags, side airbag in the front, anti-lock braking system, pre-collision system, lane departure alert with steering assistance, lane tracing assist, automatic high beam, and road sign assist among others.

  1. Affordable cost


You may wonder, what is the price of Toyota Corolla cross hybrid? Although Toyota Cross Hybrid is pricier than other Cross models, it is still considered an affordable car given its features. The starting price for this car is about THB 860,000.



The Toyota Corolla Cross Hybrid may not have all the best features but it does have many practical features that can give you a comfortable and safe driving experience. The best thing about this car is that it is a more affordable option compared with many of its competitors.