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Our All-Weather Guide to Watering Your Palms

Apr 26

Adequate water is essential for growth in your palm. There is no point feeding it if you don’t give it a drink.

When you water your palm, whether in a pot or in the ground, water it thoroughly. A sprinkle of water won’t reach the roots and will instead leave them dry.

The best times to water your palms during summer is either the morning or evening. In winter, dig down about 5cm into the ground around your palm – if it is dry, only then should you water it. When you do water in winter, do it in the morning.

When you first plant your palm, water it every day for a week. Over the next four weeks, stretch this to three times a week. Maintain your watering at three times per week throughout summer. If there is a heat wave, water every day. You can prepare for extremely hot, dry days by making sure your soil is well hydrated days before the hot weather arrives. Remember, in order to maintain the moisture in your soil, mulching is essential.